Halal N Lovin' It

or in English, Roti Segar Factory @ Manjong, Perak. Salam, Okay, this time its not really a restaurant actually but its a bread factory which have a small restaurant inside it. The main food is the freshly baked bread and various pastries made by the brand named Roti Segar. So, you just imagine yourself sitting down peacefully in the restaurant, having a cup of tea with a freshly baked from oven bread, it was amazing isn’t it? And by the […]

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or in English, Chinese Muslim Restaurant Al-Munawarah @ Seksyen 9, Shah Alam, Selangor. Salam, Ok, just so if you want to know, I love Chinese food so much. They are great. But unfortunately, most of the food served by the Chinese was not Halal. So I had to find other alternative. Instead of going to Chinese restaurant, I go to any Malay restaurant that serve Chinese food. But this restaurant is a unique one. It was run by the Chinese […]

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Salam, Okay, this time I want to review one fine dining restaurant for you to try in Shah Alam. The restaurant are The Asiari Restaurant: Home of Asia’s Best. The location of the restaurant is at the main entrance of Shah Alam City Centre (SACC) Mall. Me and my friends go to this restaurant because we have some sort of mini dinner for our club. It was just a simple dinner to celebrate our hard work for 1 year term. […]

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Salam, Lately I see Ayam Penyet had been favourite dishes among Malaysians. So this time once again I brought to you another Ayam Penyet Restaurants. This time the restaurant located at USJ 9 Taipan Business Centre. Before this, I had reviewed some good Ayam Penyet restaurant, you may refer to the related post below. Anyway, for this restaurant, I think it was quite okay to try. It was quite far I think from my location. The signboard I have nothing […]

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Salam, Yeah, our last day in Surabaya. Sorry for the very late update about this. I have so many things to go through. Starting with my final exam and few other personal things~huhu. Anyway, I’m in holiday now, so I’m free to post to this blog, yeay!!~ For those who had lost on what am I talking about you may read my 1st and 2nd Post on Surabaya Food Travelling. Ok, lets go for the food travel story. For the […]

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Salam, Hello, Good Day, to all my blog readers. I feel very good right now. This blog is moving forward for a better things, although it was quite slow, but its ok for me. As you may notice, I have moved this blog platform to WordPress and I’m using self hosting at Cubiex hosting. So far so good. The main reason for the moved is because of my passion in blogging and creativity. There are some limitations in blogger that […]

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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Salam, Hope you can wait patiently as the upgrading will be done from time to time~

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