There are several Halal Chinese / Chinese Muslim food restaurant in Malaysia. Some even are a franchise type of restaurant like Haji Sharin Low or Mohd Chan. However, in Ipoh, there are one local Chinese Muslim food that I think very affordable and the food taste very nice. And I would like to remind you once again that I’m a Chinese food lover.

Pakcik Wong Chinese Muslim restaurants served ala carte chinese muslim foods that comes with a set of rice, drinks and ice-cream. At this moment it seems like they only offer single sets for all dishes, which (I think) not very suitable for a family and/or friends gathering.

Nevertheless, here’s my verdicts of this restaurant:-

Food:- Well, the butter chicken is good. Some of the food taste a bit bland, but it is bearable. Overall, it is nice. Their delicacies ranging from Chinese style cuisine to western foods.

Price:- I must say, the set is a bit cheap and very affordable. It comes with drinks and ice-cream.

Environment:- Air-conditioned, so it’s a big plus. Restaurant is clean and spacious.


Sweet Sour Fish

Sweet Sour Fish.

Sizzling Tofu

Sizzling Tofu.

Thai Sauce Squid

Thai Sauce Squid.

Western Chicken Chop

Western Chicken Chop.

The best - Butter Chicken

The best – Butter Chicken.


Pakcik Wong (in English

Pakcik Wong (in English “Uncle Wong”) Restaurant.


The Menu.


Just Another Squid Thai Sauce’s photo.

Location Map:-

View it on Google Maps:- Pakcik Wong Chinese Muslim Restaurant @ Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°36’00.4″N ; Longitude: 101°05’46.5″E.

Social Medias:- Facebook.