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Ais Oyen @ Anika De’ Fresh, Prima 2, Shah Alam.


Before anything, Prima 2 is located in Seksyen 2 Shah Alam.The stall is located at the first row from the UiTM College and near the Seksyen 2 Bus stop.

Okay, before this I had made a review to this food court, among others: Ayam Penyet, ABC Pegaga, Wawasan 2020.

But this time I will just make a short review about this one stall that offer kinda unique beverages. The drinks called Ice Oyen (Ais Oyen).

Anika De' Fresh Stall

What makes this drink unique?

It is a mixture of fruits mixed together, so when you drink it, you will taste all the sweetness of all the fruits~ Actually this drinks is more likely is a Fruit Cocktail. Among the fruits they put inside the drinks are: Coconut, Papaya, Banana, Dragon fruits, Watermelon and other fruits. There are like 10 different types of fruits they put here.

Anyway, words without photo are useless right? Now I serve you the photo~

Ais Oyen

The price for a drink is RM 2.50. This stall also sold other good and unique beverages like Vanilla shake, “Two Trunk” ABC, “Polygamous” Juice, etc~

Anyway that’s all for now, thanks for reading!! ^_^

P/S: Actually it’s my friend Dosh, who are asking me to blog about this stall. This drink is very good and you must try it. Recommended drinks during hot weather, HEAVEN!! ~=P We love it.


  1. sedap gilo air tu!nanti bulan puasa nak raji2n lah tgok page ni.mesti tenang je.haha 🙂

  2. aiiihh cam murah jer RM2.50 tuu…

  3. serius nmpk best air nie!hihi

  4. yummmyyyy..sedapnya ABC tu…. :nomnomnom:

  5. pergh dah la haus. tengok plak gmbar ni. pergh pergh pergh.haha..T_T

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