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Korean Style BBQ @ Seoul Garden Restaurant

Salam Dear Readers~


Haha~ I purposely put my best friend picture on top of this post, just to promote him to the readers, he’s still single you know~hehe :lalala1:


Anyway, Hello and welcome again to all readers!! After quite a long time not posting to this blog, I finally have the time to write. As I had mentioned before in my post, I had an examination to go through and now I’m free plus, I will have a holidays for about 3 month!! Yeayy!! But most probably I will have to do a part time while waiting for a new semester to start, so before I start to get busy with the work, I shall publish some of interesting food spot I had go before.

Orait, this time I want to tell you one quite famous food spot in Selangor (I’m not sure whether they have branches in other state). The restaurant served Korean style barbeque foods but in a very unique way. This restaurant is very famous in Selangor, so I’m very sure that many of you had go to the restaurant. I just blog this for my reference in future~hehe *please don’t be mad at me for posting a boring food spot* huhu~



The front view of the restaurant at One Utama, Damansara branch.


Why it is so unique?

First, because it is a buffet All-You-Can-Eat restaurant. There are so many of choices here. At first, I don’t know where to start.

Second, it’s a Cook-It-Yourself BBQ restaurant. So they only serve raw food then you need to cooked it. I’ll show you the picture below.
To me this is quite unique because we rarely see this style of restaurant around.


My Verdict on this restaurant.

Food: Nice~ I love the variety of it.

Environment: Very Comfortable and I like the uniqueness on how we need to grill the food by our self. The style is copied from the Korean BBQ stall.

Price: To me, for a buffet with such amount of variety of foods, it is very reasonable.

The price for us 2 person, is MYR 87.70. Divide by 2, it’s MYR 43.85 per person. Remind you this is a dinner set, it is more expensive than lunch. And the price is plus the free flow drinks also.

For students, the price is different depends on what day you come. If you come on weekdays, the price is cheaper. From the price signboard, for lunch you may get MYR 22.88 and for dinner MYR 28.88. Just to remind you this price is not including tax and free flow drinks.

You need to add MYR 3.99 for free flow or refillable drinks.


The restaurant operating hours are also different from what days you come:

Sunday – Thursday: Lunch is from 11.30am till 3.59pm.

                                Dinner is from 4.00 pm till 10.00pm.

Friday – Saturday: Lunch is from 11.30am till 3.59pm.

                              Dinner is from 4.00 pm till 10.30pm.


Restaurant Outlets.

1) Klang Valley: 1 Utama Shopping Centre (The one I go for this review), Plaza Pantai, IOI Mall.

2) Penang: Plaza Gurney, Auto City (Perai)

3) Malacca: Mahkota Parade.

4) Johor Bahru: City Square, KSL city.

* All are Halal certified except for Auto city branch where the certification is still in process.

Kindly refer to their website for any details:

Anyway, enjoy the pictures after the break~~


Ok first you will need to pay at the counter, as we know this is a buffet restaurant. Then they will show you your table. After that, you may start picking your meat to grill!! There are lots of choices.


This are some in the list of food available:

1) Chicken (marinate flavours): Black Pepper, Curry (spicy), Sze Chuan, Char Siew, Tomyam, Coffee, Garlic,

2) Beef (marinate flavours): Teriyaki, Sze Chuan.

3) Lamb (only have 1 marinate flavour).

4) Got plenty of seafoods~

5) For vegetarians, there are plenty of vege also~ *but of course, the price is still the same* There are salads also for you

6) Dessert: 6 different flavours of Ice Cream, Pudding, Ice Kacang, Cendol, Fruits.

7) There some others cooked dishes like pasta, Fried Mee, Fried rice.

* The one I had BOLD is recommended flavours.



 Variety of choices.



 Vege for vegetarians.




 Plenty choices of sauce.


And now grill timeeee!!! Oh ya, remember to grill perfectly the raw food before you eat okay~haha. Because one of my friend ate the food without properly grilled he had a stomach ache.











Okay, we ate until our stomach full with grilled meat. I tried all the foods as much as I can~huhu. But the one I like the most is the Lamb, and some marinated flavours of chicken. But the fight is not ended yet, now, it’s time for dessert.Yeayyy!!



 Unfortunately I’m already full, I only able to try one, the Ice-Cream. Not so soft for me, but it’s okay laa~



There are plenty more, see the picture below, they have Puddings, Ais Kacang, Cendol and Salad.





 Salad and Fruits




The price and Opening hours sign

Anyway that’s all folks.  Have a good day!!~ :lalala3:

p/s: I’m not putting a location map may because this is a franchise restaurant and it’s location is quite a familiar to Selangorians.


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