On 5th of November, 2019, it has been a dark period for this blog as my blog address has been blocked by Facebook for some reason that was contributed by me *yes I was silly in that sense*

Eatz.Me Blocked

My blog link was blocked by Facebook. I could not share my content in Facebook & Instagram.

My world turned dark, I could not eat, sleep and think properly. lol jk I’m just exergerating. But still, however, I have no motivation to update this blog that time because of it.

I’ve tried to look for the solution by doing some google search and facebook forum but to no avail. All of the answers leads to the conclusion that facebook doesn’t really care for your request to review your website.

So after a while, I gave up. Then, I found this Fiverr website, where all the freelancers can offer and promote their service there. There are plethora of services offered, from designing services to managing your social media. Really, I never thought such service was offered.

What catches my attention is one service that says “I will unblock website from facebook instagram” for $20!!

I’s skeptical at first, thought this is merely another scam. Like how can someone do that if they are not a Facebook employee or associated with Facebook.

But somehow it works!!

My blog URL now has been unblocked and I and my blog visitors can now share my blog link in Facebook.

So yeah guys, if anyone are having the same problem with me, can heads up to this Fiverr website and look for “Facebook / Instagram Unblock Link” service. There are several Fiverr seller offering the same service, you can choose whoever you want, but I think this guys is giving the best price.

Till then, chao~