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Restoran Apong D’Hilir @ Teluk Intan, Perak


Teluk Intan is one of the big town in Perak where it consists of some historical sites of British occupation in Perak once upon a time ago, among others is the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan. The town itself located at the side of the infamous Sungai Perak (Perak River).

I think most people already know about this restaurant, at least it is very famous among local people of Teluk Intan and this restaurant is actually a floating restaurant is located on Sungai Perak. So you really can see and feel it is floating on the river while eating there, for me, its a great experience.

The food is nice, I tried their signature dish which is Udang Galah (Giant Freshwater Prawn) which is cooked with chili. Other side dish I took is Omelette and Kai-Lan cook with salted fish. Overall it is good plus the experience you having eating on a floating restaurant.

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[Live] Mee Hailam Shamok @ Medan Selera Parit


This Mee Hailam is famous in Parit, Perak and one of my wife’s favourite. In fact, Parit town is famous for its Mee Hailam as their local cuisine. It is located at Parit town foodcourt. Open everyday except Sunday.

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2021 Malaysian Horse Calendar (With School Holidays) – Kalendar Kuda dan Takwim Cuti Sekolah Malaysia


Here is the 2021 Malaysian Calendar created by me. This horse calendar contains West Malaysian school holidays (I will try to make East Malaysian school holidays version if I have the time later on) and Islamic (Hijr) calendar.

In 2020, we saw a great global pandemic which has caused many countries imposing a total lockdown to their economic activity. Therefore, most of the public holidays and school holidays in 2020 had served no purpose as almost all of us had to stay at home. The pandemic has not ended yet and shall foreseeable to continue until end of 2021.

Let’s just pray (or hope *for non-believer*) that this pandemic will end sooner.

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Jalan Theatre Coffee Cafe @ Jalan Theatre, Ipoh


Ipoh is well known for its white coffee. Whenever you come to Ipoh, I must say, you have to try the local coffee here. Nonetheless, this cafe perhaps, trying to take an advantage of what Ipoh has been infamous for.

Well, I have to say, they succeed. With good coffee as their main niche, I think they cannot go wrong. But what I like the most is that they are localising the international cuisine to suits our local taste such as their Sambal Pamelo Chicken Pasta. Most people already know that Ipoh is very famous for its Pamelo fruits.

Albeit I forgot to snap the photos of the coffee, let’s, first, read my verdict on this cafe before we go for the photos.

Food:- Well, even though they are focusing on coffee, I can say that the food here is nice. It is beyond my expectation. One interesting menu is Sambal Pamelo Chicken Pasta which I think is amazingggg. I like it because it had localised the Italian menu. Coffee here was nice too.

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Restoran Pakcik Wong @ Greentown, Ipoh


There are several Halal Chinese / Chinese Muslim food restaurant in Malaysia. Some even are a franchise type of restaurant like Haji Sharin Low or Mohd Chan. However, in Ipoh, there are one local Chinese Muslim food that I think very affordable and the food taste very nice. And I would like to remind you once again that I’m a Chinese food lover.

Pakcik Wong Chinese Muslim restaurants served ala carte chinese muslim foods that comes with a set of rice, drinks and ice-cream. At this moment it seems like they only offer single sets for all dishes, which (I think) not very suitable for a family and/or friends gathering.

Nevertheless, here’s my verdicts of this restaurant:-

Food:- Well, the butter chicken is good. Some of the food taste a bit bland, but it is bearable. Overall, it is nice. Their delicacies ranging from Chinese style cuisine to western foods.

Price:- I must say, the set is a bit cheap and very affordable. It comes with drinks and ice-cream.

Environment:- Air-conditioned, so it’s a big plus. Restaurant is clean and spacious.

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How I Easily Unblok My Website in Facebook With Fiverr


On 5th of November, 2019, it has been a dark period for this blog as my blog address has been blocked by Facebook for some reason that was contributed by me *yes I was silly in that sense*

Eatz.Me Blocked

My blog link was blocked by Facebook. I could not share my content in Facebook & Instagram.

My world turned dark, I could not eat, sleep and think properly. lol jk I’m just exergerating. But still, however, I have no motivation to update this blog that time because of it.

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Kimchilicious Korean Food @ Ipoh Garden Tesco Hypermarket



There are not many stall or restaurants offering Halal Korean food in Ipoh. There are also popular franchise like Myeongdong Toppokki and Choo Choo Chicken, but not a local homegrown one. I found this Korean food stall when I went for groceries shopping at Tesco Hypermarket Ipoh Garden as this stall is located at their food court.

Well, here’s the verdict:-

Food:- Surprisingly good! Hope more choices will be available in future. Nevertheless, kudos to the owner for the great food!

Price:- Affordable.

Environment:- Normal Tesco foodcourt.

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Nins Cabin Cafe @ Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Ipoh


Nins Cabin Cafe is a fusion food cafe located at the heart of Ipoh town near the Padang Ipoh (Ipoh Field). This cafe served range of dishes from brunch to dinner. I frequently went here during the lunch time as this cafe is near my office and I love it since they have plenty choices of food from western to local.

So here are my verdict for this cafe:-

Food:- Many choices. I like the Buttermilk Chicken with rice set. The Lemon Chicken is also nice. Overall, the food taste good.

Price:- Affordable.

Environment:- Cafe are clean. Service, sometimes, a bit slow, especially during peak hour. But rarely to happened. Waiters are friendly~

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