Helllloooowwww guys!! How are you? I wish you have a Good day and Happy life there~

As usual, I will write some update about any progress in this blog to gives you view of what’s going on in this site. This update will be post randomly when I feel there’s a need to do it because I don’t think this site is famous enough to do a regular monthly/week update, hehe.

Anyway, there are just a couple of minor update had been done to this site. First and the most important update is that I had use URL shortener in some of the link or image link which will need you to go to an advertisement landing page for a couple of 5 seconds before you can go to the real intended page for the link.


HOW TO USE: You will need to click Skip Ads button on the upper right to go to the real page that you intended. The reason why I use in some of my links is because are paying me for some impressions that I make, so I’m trying to make some money here, merely to support the development of this site. I need to pay for my hosting, domain etc and I wish to buy better camera and better hosting plan in the future, InsyaAllah.

However, I’m not imposing this to all links and image. So you wouldn’t feel any big difference to the performance or usage in this blog, hopefully. But I’m sorry if you feel any inconvenience from this implementation.

Next I want to mention here are regarding the traffic progress of this site. I will show you the traffic of this blog from the launching date. *by Cpanel Webalizer as my Clicky stats is not showing from the first date I install the blog*


I don’t really know how to read this properly, but from what I see is that the graph is increasing~=P

Alhamdulillah that this sites is growing bigger from time to time although it’s not as big or faster as other blogs that have the same niche as mine. Although the reader or visitor is growing, I hope this blog is functioning well for more traffic in the future.

Third, regarding my Live Blog. Right now I’m experiencing high server load problem where my server load keep exceeding the limit~huhu. So I have to move this blog to a new place. I had moved it to blogger using new address which is

Finally, the Fasting month is coming again, during Fasting month there must be a Bazaar Ramadhan everywhere that sell foods for the Buka Puasa (Break fasting) time. This time I will be fasting in Ipoh with my family because my semester holidays extended for 3 month till September. So I’m thinking of reviewing the Bazaar Ramadhan in Ipoh, InsyaAllah. But this is not confirm yet, depend on whether I had time and opportunity or not.

Okay, that’s all for the site update. If you have any suggestion, comment etc., you may just contact me through my email or my twitter or facebook fan page or you may just leave a comment here or at the About Me page.

Have a nice day, Bon Appétit~