There are not many stall or restaurants offering Halal Korean food in Ipoh. There are also popular franchise like Myeongdong Toppokki and Choo Choo Chicken, but not a local homegrown one. I found this Korean food stall when I went for groceries shopping at Tesco Hypermarket Ipoh Garden as this stall is located at their food court.

Well, here’s the verdict:-

Food:- Surprisingly good! Hope more choices will be available in future. Nevertheless, kudos to the owner for the great food!

Price:- Affordable.

Environment:- Normal Tesco foodcourt.

Kimchi Fried Rice

Kimchi Fried Rice. Nice.


Tteok-bokki. Good. Comes with a bit of fish cakes.


Look for the Yong Tau Fu stall. It’s actually a Korean Food stall.





Location Map:-

View it on Google Maps:- Kimchilicious Korean Food @Tesco Ipoh Garden Food Court, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- N/A.

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