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Steamboat @ Uptown Shah Alam, Seksyen 24.


Okay, this is another short post from me. This should be wrote by me long time ago, but I forget to do that until I found back the picture, huhu.

Steamboat Uptown Shah Alam

Okay, Uptown Shah Alam is located at Section 24, Shah Alam near Shah Alam Carrefour. This place is well known to people in Shah Alam (especially UiTM students~hehe) to find some bundle, fake branded clothing. There are also many rare items too.

However, this place is also famous with steamboats food. There are many restaurants and steamboat stall here. You could just choose which one. I’m sorry I could not recommend you any stall because I had not tried all the stall yet.

But the one which I show you in this post is the cheapest one, I presume. RM 0.50 per stick. The sauce is quite good to me. Anyway, below is the picture of what I take. This place open at night only.


Unfortunately for me, Uptown Shah Alam is not a very safe place for girls to go alone. I’m a type of person who are sometimes think a girl was too naive, so maybe my view about this can be ignored. =P

Anyway, that’s all I think for now, if I have the opportunity, I will update on the best steamboat stall here. Have a nice day!!


  1. wow.. suke blog ni.. sb pasal makanan.. sy sukeer makan!

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