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Gopeng Guesthouse & Cafe @ Gopeng Town


Small town of Gopeng, Perak is an old town where it is previously known for their tin mining industries. After the dawn of tin mining activities in Malaysia, it has become quite a ghost town. But recently, this town is brought back to life when the government of Perak started to promote this town for their adventure activities. A lot of foreigners and locals who likes some adventure will come here for some outdoors activities such as kayaking, hiking, abseiling, and many more.

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Maggie Ketam Sham @ Meru Height, Ipoh


I guess most of us loves instant mee aren’t we? So, what if the glorious instant mee is being modified to make is better? Owh well I think it will taste like the food from the heaven.

Meggi Ketam I think is quite famous in Kelantan at food court near Pantai Cahaya Bulan. But the one I’m going to review now is at my hometown which is Meru, Ipoh specifically in Meru Height and it’s just a small stall in the housing area. This stall I think they only serves Meggi Ketam (Crab Maggie / Crab Instant Mee) and Meggi Udang (Prawn Meggie / Prawn Instant Mee) in their menu. Quite limited, but if that is their specialities, I don’t see why not.

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Mc’ Kylauss Western Food @ Sg. Kati Western Food & Burger, Kg. Manjoi, Ipoh.


You’ll never believe where is this restaurant situated, it is located in suburbs of Ipoh known as Gugusan Manjoi – A malay traditional village within Kinta Valley.

I believe that Sg. Kati Western Food & Burger was established quite a long time ago, even before hipsters café came into existence and become a thing, but due to it’s location, people rarely know their existence except for Manjoi’s people.

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2016 Malaysian Calendar – Kalendar Kuda Style


Alhamdulillah, my last Kalendar Malaysia had gained some popularity. Most of us (even myself) really love the style of Kalendar Kuda. It is very easy to see and comes with a lot of details. The style of kalendar kuda was use for quite long time. So, I’m planning to make the 2016 Malaysian Calendar. However, I’m very sorry for the delay as I’m very busy with my working commitment right now. :arghh:

UPDATE:- As promise, 2016 Malaysian Calendar can be download at the link below.

I’m still waiting for the Ministry of Education to release theofficial  2016 Malaysian’s school holiday dates too. They are quite late in releasing the schedule. :ntahle:

Nevertheless, I released the calendar beforehand and will update it once the official “Takwim Cuti Sekolah” for the year of 2016 is out. Thanks for your support. And thanks for commenting to! 🙂

Go share this page to your friends and family (you can share it anywhere you want, just link to my blog as a credit~hehe) and don’t forget to like our Facebook page too!

P/s.: Kindly let me know if there’s any mistake in the calendar. TQ~

Kalendar Kuda-2016 eatz_Januari



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Disclaimer: This calendar has been carefully crafted for precision. I will update it from time to time if there is any error on it. However, I noticed that the calendar was also being shared by a third party which have no relation to this blog. While I have no objection towards it, I would like to remind you that I have also no control over it.


– 16/10/2015 (V1): Remove the yellow shading on the 1st April.
– 19/10/2015 (V2): Edit on the Second Term of school holiday.
– 20/10/2015 (V3): Edit on Final Term School Holiday on November 2016.

Ohm Café @ Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Ipoh New Town

EDIT: This cafe had changed their place of business to Medan Istana, Ipoh.


This is my first time publishing this blog without using the Windows Live Writer after sometime as Microsoft had stopped the development of it since maybe around 2012? IDK…..but, I really love that software because there are Picasa plugin, so it is easier for me to embed my picasa photo into the blog post. Recently that Picasa plugin stopped working and I had to come back to the wordpress default dashboard editing.

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Ipoh Hotel Ramadhan / Iftar Buffet Brochure 2015


This year I’m not sure whether I would do any review on any hotel Ramadhan Buffet in Ipoh. But for now, I would like to share the brochures of some hotel in Ipoh that doing Ramadhan Buffet for your easy reference.

Usually in the middle of Ramadhan people likes to bring their family and friends to buka puasa at the Hotel.

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Ipoh, Perak Halal Food List


There’s this listing that had went viral around social media. It’s about good halal food in Ipoh for you to try.

So, I’ll put the listing here for you to explore. Let’s see which I had reviewed it and which I need to explore it. But there are some of it I had went to it but haven’t write up the review here.

*This listing is not provided by me, but I had amend some of the spelling, adding hyperlink of my review to it.

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Coffee King Padang Polo Ipoh, Perak


Okay this is actually just a little stall/booth which was recommended by my friend. They sell cold drinks only which is coffee and tea so this post will be a short one.

So it is on a hot and sunny day, me and my friend decided to get some iced drinks thus Coffee King came into our mind. Well, when we arrived here, we are quite surprise seeing there are quite a crowd queuing for their coffee at this stall. I heard that this stall/booth had become one of hipsters thing to try now in Ipoh after the Ais krim pasu.

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