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Maggie Ketam Sham @ Meru Height, Ipoh


I guess most of us loves instant mee aren’t we? So, what if the glorious instant mee is being modified to make is better? Owh well I think it will taste like the food from the heaven.

Meggi Ketam I think is quite famous in Kelantan at food court near Pantai Cahaya Bulan. But the one I’m going to review now is at my hometown which is Meru, Ipoh specifically in Meru Height and it’s just a small stall in the housing area. This stall I think they only serves Meggi Ketam (Crab Maggie / Crab Instant Mee) and Meggi Udang (Prawn Meggie / Prawn Instant Mee) in their menu. Quite limited, but if that is their specialities, I don’t see why not.

Since the limited menu, there’s nothing much I can say here, so, let’s just go to the verdict:-

Food:- Well, I’m really not very sure whether the soup was custom made from their own recipe or not, but the taste is good. They put a loads of prawn in it, it was like there are 10 pieces of medium to large size prawn in it. For the Crab Maggie, it is voluminous! See the photo below for reference. And both the prawn and crab taste quite fresh.

Price:- I forgot how much is the price at the time when I went there. They are not fixed. It will based on seasons. If there is stocks, the price will be lower and vice versa. For crabs, it also will depends on the size of it.

Environment:- Just a simple stall/restaurant. It is located in a housing area. Fairly clean. Service is good and fast.

Other additional info: –

The glorious Maggie Ketam.

The glorious Maggie Ketam.


Maggie Udang.

Maggie Udang. See how much they put the prawn.

Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

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GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°38’37.3″N ; Longitude: 101°03’58.3″E.

Address: Laluan Taman Meru 1

Google Street View of the Restaurant.


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