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Coffee King Padang Polo Ipoh, Perak


Okay this is actually just a little stall/booth which was recommended by my friend. They sell cold drinks only which is coffee and tea so this post will be a short one.

So it is on a hot and sunny day, me and my friend decided to get some iced drinks thus Coffee King came into our mind. Well, when we arrived here, we are quite surprise seeing there are quite a crowd queuing for their coffee at this stall. I heard that this stall/booth had become one of hipsters thing to try now in Ipoh after the Ais krim pasu.

Anyway, enjoy some snaps I’ve taken below…thank you.




Coffee King stall is located at Taman Rekreasi Sultan Abdul Aziz or known as Padang Polo for Ipoh folks.


  1. hye..this cold drink sound interesting, i plan to try it
    how can i know what time do they open their bussiness?

  2. Salam sy hisham dari butik @scarf_station. Ingin mengeluarkan product coffee Thai .seperti coffee king. Lokasi kami di alam Avenue.blh kte lebih lanjut tentang perkara ni.

    017 632 9178

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