Small town of Gopeng, Perak is an old town where it is previously known for their tin mining industries. After the dawn of tin mining activities in Malaysia, it has become quite a ghost town. But recently, this town is brought back to life when the government of Perak started to promote this town for their adventure activities. A lot of foreigners and locals who likes some adventure will come here for some outdoors activities such as kayaking, hiking, abseiling, and many more.

Front View

So, I has found that this one cafe is quite interesting for me to try after I saw their post in Instagram. It promotes local delicacies and some interesting desserts/drinks. What brought to my attention is that, they also served Chicken Rice with Beansprout (Nasi Ayam Taugeh), a halal one. FYI, Nasi Ayam is quite synonyms with Ipoh like Nasi Kandar with Penang. So I think, I must give it a shot.

“This cafe looks interesting”, that was my first impression. It is actually quite hard to find as the cafe is facing the new Gopeng’s bus stop which is at the end of Gopeng town. So the most important thing is first you have to seek for the new Gopeng’s bus station.

Explore.Dream.Discover. Loves it!


This cafe, though not air-conditioned, is well decorated and clean. Not really cozy but it is unique in it’s own way. Since Gopeng town is quite famous among tourist and travelers, the theme in this cafe is more on travelling the world. You can also set a lot of other activities around Gopeng with the team of this cafe. They do have packages for those who are seeking for adventure activities.

Their Contact Number.


Anyway, let’s go to the verdict before we go for food photos:-

Food:- The Chicken rice, I must say it’s just okay. Still lack of flavor but it is very unique. Maybe it just not to my liking but it just something you must try. I love the one in Ipoh more.

Meanwhile the drinks aka dessert is really really really nice!! Omaigod the Chocolate Devil Frappe is so good! I really3x love it! On that day we couldn’t order much as we are quite full after a long journey of food hunting, but we would love to try other menu as well later.

At the time of writing this, it seems more foods were added to the menu, heads over to their instagram or facebook for more info.

Price:- Price is reasonable.

Environment:- A cool cafe. Nicely decorated. The team are really friendly. Kudos to them.

Other additional info:- Facebook:;
No. Tel: 019-375 0833;

Opening Hours: 5.00pm-12.00am


The Nga Choi Kai @ Nasi Ayam Taugeh


Nga Choi Kai Upclosed


Chocolate Devil Frappes. Omaigod this is the best!


I forgot the name of this drink but it has Strawberry flavor.


The Decoration


Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Gopeng Guesthouse & Cafe @ Gopeng Town.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°28’26.6"N ; Longitude: 101°10’04.4"E.

Address: Jalan Pasar