Nins Cabin Cafe is a fusion food cafe located at the heart of Ipoh town near the Padang Ipoh (Ipoh Field). This cafe served range of dishes from brunch to dinner. I frequently went here during the lunch time as this cafe is near my office and I love it since they have plenty choices of food from western to local.

So here are my verdict for this cafe:-

Food:- Many choices. I like the Buttermilk Chicken with rice set. The Lemon Chicken is also nice. Overall, the food taste good.

Price:- Affordable.

Environment:- Cafe are clean. Service, sometimes, a bit slow, especially during peak hour. But rarely to happened. Waiters are friendly~

Chicken Buttermilk

My favourite, Chicken Buttermilk.


Chicken Lemon

Second favourite, Lemon Chicken.


Tenderloin Blackpepper

Tenderloin Blackpepper.


Chicken Padprik

Chicken Padprik.


Beef Meatball with Mushroom and Strawberry sauce

Beef Meatball with Mushroom and Strawberry sauce. This, I have to say, are surprisingly good!

The Menu


Nin’s Cabin CafeNins Cabin Cafe

Nins Cabin Cafe

Location Map:-

View it on Google Maps:- Nin’s Cabin Cafe @ Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Ipoh.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’52.9″N ; Longitude: 101°04’35.6″E.

Social Medias:- Nin’s Cabin Cafe Facebook.