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Ipoh, Perak Halal Food List


There’s this listing that had went viral around social media. It’s about good halal food in Ipoh for you to try.

So, I’ll put the listing here for you to explore. Let’s see which I had reviewed it and which I need to explore it. But there are some of it I had went to it but haven’t write up the review here.

*This listing is not provided by me, but I had amend some of the spelling, adding hyperlink of my review to it.

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2015 Malaysian Calendar–Kalendar Kuda Style.

For those who are looking for 2016 Malaysian’s Calendar, head over HERE.


Alhamdulillah at last I was able to finish up the 2015 Malaysian Calendar – Kalendar Kuda style after releasing 2014 Malaysian Calendar last year.

Kalendar Kuda-2015 eatz_JANUARY

Head up to this link to download 2015 Malaysian Calendar which consists of 2015 Malaysian School Holiday and Malaysian Public holiday:-


So, you can start planning your 2015’s holidays now! Thank you for your support and have a great day!

#2015MalaysianCalendar #MalaysiaPublicHoliday #2015MalaysiaSchoolHoliday #Takwim2015Malaysia #CutiUmumMalaysia2015 #CutiSekolahMalaysia2015 #KalendarMalaysia2015

2014 Malaysian Calendar–Kalendar Kuda style

For those who are looking for 2015 Malaysian’s Calendar, head over HERE.


I can’t remember exactly when was my last update if I wouldn’t open my blog and look into the posting list. And the typically excuse, I’m busy~kalendar Kuda 2014

Anyway, I just wanted share with you guys the new 2014 calendar I’ve made myself. Actually I did not made it myself from scratch, I’ve taken a template from this blog and changed it to 2014 calendar. Why I’m doing it? Because I like the style of Kalendar Kuda (at least that is what most we Malaysians called it). It is very easy to read, looks neat and it shows most of the important dates in Malaysia.

Since 2014 is coming and I couldn’t find the 2014’s Kalendar Kuda anywhere online, so I just created it myself for my usage. Then I decided why not just share it with my beloved reader.

So here it goes, you can download it from this blog (which is also my blog actually, I dumped all the available download links there :iye: ):


That’s all for now guys, next will update with a longer post~Have a nice day!

Hello dear readers~


It’s been a while since my last update. Huhu. I really want to write but my life commitment wouldn’t allow me to do so. After finishing my LLB program last few month, my career journey continued with my practical or in our profession we called it as Chambering or pupilage. So, here comes again my busy schedule.

Actually, I think, my chambering period is not as busy as it looks or as busy as my time during LLB period, but when you started working, it just feel like to have your own sweet lazy time at home during weekends~lulz.

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“My Family” for the past 9 months~


Hello guys! I’m back in writing! Yeah, actually, I’ve just finished my final semester, which means, I’m free from any assignments, test, whatnot. Yeay!! I hope I’ll pass all my subjects so that I can hunting for a job later~huhu

Anyway, today, I will not post anything about food yet, but I will summarize what I’ve been doing for the past 9 month (more or less, 30 weeks). As I’ve said in my previous blog post “Get Ready For The Next Chapter, Goodbye 2011!!”:

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It will happen again…so yeah….


So I’m continuing my studies again this 10 Sept for my final semester, final year and for the very last (insyaAllah). It’s getting tougher and tougher everyday and I hope I can finish it with a flying colours result. So, this blog will be abandoned for like 5 to 6 month after this. I know it sounds kinda like a lame excuse, but that’s the truth. It’s happened during my first semester where I thought I will have the chance to update my blog, but apparently I just underestimate my course.

So this time, I would like to remind you before anything, that I may not be able to update this blog from now on. But like always, I’ll try my best to update if I have time. :hehehe1:

Anyway, that’s all. Prey me well for my studies yaa~thanks!

Remember Them Shall We?


With the spirit of Ramadhan, I beg you to have your time to read this.

Setelah aku wafat, setelah lama aku tinggalkan, umat Islam akan lemah. Di atas kelemahan itu orang kafir akan menindas mereka bagai orang yang menghadapi piring dan mengajak orang lain makan bersama. – Diriwayatkan daripada Thauban r.a.

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HeCTic LiFe!! Yes, I’m still here.


Well, probably if you are a frequent reader of this blog *hope I have one :blublublu: *, you may noticed that this blog have not being updated for quite a long time right? If you wonder why, it’s because currently I have a very hectic life, pursuing my studies.

I really need to focus to my studies this time. And to me, blogging, besides being one of my passion, is a very serious job. It needs time and mood to write a quality post. I don’t know about others but to me, that’s how I look.

Well, during my course of studying, it’s really hard for me to find a time and having a good mood simultaneously to write in here. However, I will always try my best to buy some time to write a post here and to answer your comments.

So, I hope you can bare with me for quite some time~It’s not I’m stopping from blogging, but I shall need some time to settle down my things~
Anyway, Take care, eat well and Love ya!! :muah3:

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