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Hello dear readers~


It’s been a while since my last update. Huhu. I really want to write but my life commitment wouldn’t allow me to do so. After finishing my LLB program last few month, my career journey continued with my practical or in our profession we called it as Chambering or pupilage. So, here comes again my busy schedule.

Actually, I think, my chambering period is not as busy as it looks or as busy as my time during LLB period, but when you started working, it just feel like to have your own sweet lazy time at home during weekends~lulz.

Anyway, this time I just want to share with you on what I’ve been thinking about my future working space. Here are some inspiration I get from the net and you can take this as inspiration for your dreamed workspace too~

I really love the combination of Macbook Pro + 27′ Thunderbolt Display here. *kudos to the Emma Watson wallpaper*


Sexy red colour!


Super Mario wallpaper!


The rugs!


The table!


The view!




Below this I couldn’t get better reso for the picture, but the colour is so damn nice! I really love the purplish colour theme! Arrrr so inspiring, want! want! want! #kbye




And that’s all for now, till we meet again with more interesting post~ :nari1:


  1. salam

    wehh, yg gambar first tu, aku ingatkan workspace ko betul2 punya! jeles sekejap

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