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Nasi Lemak Langkawi @ Langkawi Kedah

Salam, yeah, after long time went back from Langkawi I had no time to update the food there into this blog because of many pending food post I have to do first. At this time only I have the time to post the food I eat in Langkawi.

As had been mention before, I had went for holidays to 4 states in Malaysia in 3 weeks, Malacca, Johore, Langkawi (Kedah) and Penang. Before this I had review 1 famous food in Johore which is Mee Rebus Haji Wahid.

My trip to all this place may not bring much result for the food destination as I didn’t plan for the holidays and I have short of time to research the best and famous place. But nevermind, I still learning to becoming the better food Traveller aka blogger.

~~~~~~~~Ok finish with my celoteh~ Lets go for the food review.~~~~~~~~~

Nasi Lemak Langkawi []

Ok, this time I want to review the food for your breakfast in Langkawi Island. The food is Nasi Lemak. For your information, Nasi Lemak is one of Malay traditional food that very famous between Malaysians. It is made from rice cooked with santan (coconut milk). But this Langkawi Nasi Lemak is not as usual Nasi Lemak as you can get in other place. I don’t know whether it is Nasi Lemak or Nasi Minyak, but when I asked one of the hawker they said it is Nasi Lemak and when I ask another, it said Nasi Whatever-You-Want-To-Called-It. So I decided to called it Nasi Lemak as it was served in the morning for breakfast only. So you must come here morning, for breakfast only okay~

Anyway, the taste is good. You may choose the side-dishes. I choose for the “Ayam Merah”(Red Cooked Chicken) and “Sotong Merah” (Red Cooked Squid). Yes the taste is good. I recommend you to try it.

But, unfortunately, the price is quite overprice. My one the Nasi with Ayam and Sotong as the side plus Kopi ‘o’ (Coffee), is RM7!!! huhu~ But the taste is good lah~ If you want to taste it its okay~huhu. So for the overall result, I gave them 3 star if not for the overprice.

The location of the stall is near the Haji Ismail Group and SAGA Shopping Complex. You may refer the map HERE @Wikimapia.
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Breakfast with Roti Canai @ Gembira Restaurant.

Roti Canai is one of Malaysian favourite food. It’s made from flour like a bread or bun. It taste vey delicious when it’s crispy and eat with a “sambal”. Here in Shah Alam there are a lot of Mamak restaurant that sell Roti Canai. Maybe some of you liked it and maybe some are not. There are one restaurant that sells Roti Canai and it’s a Malay Restaurant. The name of the Restaurant is “Gembira” or Happiness.

Here the Roti Canai is quite good. Besides that, this restaurant also have the specialty of good Nasi Lemak. As they contended, they was established from 1980. So it must be good. That day, I’m not eating their Nasi Lemak, so no picture of it. But trust me, it’s good, I’ve tried it.

Here the sneak peak of the Roti Canai:

Crispy Roti CanaiCrispy Roti Canai

Hafiz who always happy happy when it came to eating time.

Location: Seksyen 3, near Serai Restaurant and MAIS. There are 2 Gembira Restaurant there, but the one I reviewed is not inside the MAIS. The food I reviewed only been served for breakfast only.

Update: So, I’ve made to come again and review this restaurant for the second time, so wanna add some picture to this post~ 🙂

Wanna have good Cakoi in Shah Alam? This is the right place.

They also have good Nasi Kerabu you know?

Famous Nasi Lemak From Kedah: Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang.

What a name for a restaurant, but you may know about this restaurant if you are from Sungai Petani, Kedah. But, the restaurant I want to blog about this time is not the one that’s in Kedah but it’s branch in Pusat Komersial Seksyen 7, Shah Alam. I always go there to have some Nasi Lemak for dinner. There restaurant will be full around 9-10 pm where many students comes to ‘lepak’.

Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang Restaurant

In here, you may take your nasi lemak manually. Means that you need to pick your nasi, put the side stuff (cucumber and boiled egg).

Cinta Sayang Lauk

There are many lauk-pauk for you to include in your nasi lemak instead of just slices of cucumber and boiled egg. And I choose to pick for “Telur Goreng Masak Merah”/ Red Cooked Fried Egg and “Tauhu Masak Merah”/ Red Cooked Tofu. Here are some pictures~
Nasi Lemak With Teh Ais

My Nasi Lemak Cinta Sayang 2

This is what MyDear ordered,hihi:

DSCN0133 [6]

To me, the price is quite reasonable. For my Nasi Lemak, it just cost me RM3.90. And For MyDear, it cost RM3.20. The taste is quite good because if not they would not succeed to open a second branch here. I will gives 4 stars, for their price, condition of place, taste and popularity.

This restaurant located at Pusat Komersial, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam (Near UiTM 2nd entrance). It is on the 4th row of the shop. I always go for dinner, I’m not sure if they open or serve on daytime.

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