Lan Popia 2 []This time I will make a short review on one stall that sold good Popia in Shah Alam. The stall is located at Pusat Komersial, Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. It is located near the ‘Barra’ Mamak Restaurant and ‘Patio’ Restaurant. Map here.

The weakness of this stall is they frequently close down. So I feel sorry if you came here then it is not opening for business. The stall is open starting from 5 pm.

The taste of the popia is good. the stall serve 2 types of Popia which is “Popia Goreng” and “Popia Basah”. The “Popia Basah” is good. The sambal is a little bit sweet and pekat. And they put Serbuk Kacang on it.

The price is RM 3 for 5 pieces of Popia. Okay, no talk anymore lets go to the picture~

Oh btw, I gave 3 star maybe. They good in the taste but lack on the business hours time.
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