Hello, this time I want to review one good restaurant for you to try on. For us who lived in Shah Alam we frequently have a problem in finding good and ‘unusual’ restaurant to go around this area. Sometimes it is quite boring to eat at the same food spot all the time.

Before this, I had reviewed some food spot around Shah Alam, but that is the past, lets find new one. So I’ve found one, Qaseh Bistro or Bistro Qaseh, or what ever you want to call it. And this time I have a big menu to tell to.

top Ok, this restaurant is special, all their decorations are based on love theme. I don’t know why but maybe that’s their speciality. Nvrmd anyway, lets focused to the food.
Ok, the food, is good~ really, for their seafood grill. It’s really nice to be try to. Enjoy the food-toshot after the break. I really recommend the seafood grill. The price? Reasonable. Look at the picture urself, too lazy to list it out~ Environment of the restaurant is very comfortable. The location of the restaurant is located near the Les’ Copaque who’d made the Upin dan Ipin movie. Map below.
Pricelist [eatz.me]Price list

Neway, enjoy the food-toshot. ReAd MoRe PleAsE~(sj gedik)
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