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Platform 9 1/2 Cafe, A Harry Potter Inspired Cafe in Ipoh


Potterhead, rejoice! There’s new cafe in Ipoh town which inspired by the famous Harry Potter movie and it was named Platform 9 1/2 Cafe (in Harry Potter movie, Platform 9 3/4 of Kings Cross Station was a spot where the students use to enters the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry). However, bear in mind that this cafe is not whatsoever directly associated or related with the official Harry Potter movie.

So, whats good here? Well, one thing I want to try is of course the Butterbeer (here in this cafe they name it Butterbrew, for obvious reason) which is a famous beverage in the movie. I’ve tried the original Butterbeer in World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan, so I want to know whether this one taste the same.

Before I go with the photos, as usual, here’s my verdict of this cafe:-

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Good, Halal Dim Sum in Ipoh @ Greentown Dim Sum Cafe


Have I said to you that I love Chinese Food so much? Well, yes, but somehow halal Chinese Food was quite hard to find because, as you already know, Chinese food often to contained pork in their ingredients, so I have to be careful. Thus, I continue my journey to find the Best Halal Chinese Food in Malaysia. Lucky me that there are some folks who are a Chinese Muslim that had doing some food business in Malaysia. I had made a review about some of them here: Halal Dim Sum @ Jom Cari Makan Restaurant, Damansara and Restoran Cina Muslim Al-Munawarah @ Seksyen 9, Shah Alam.

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Halal Dim Sum @ Jom Cari Makan Restaurant, Damansara

or in Malay Dim Sum Halal @ Restoran Jom Cari Makan.

Yeah, this time I want to review one food which are very famous among Chinese (gosh I love Chinese food) but it is absolutely Halal. It’s because the owner is a Chinese Muslim and he promise the Halal status. And I believe it to be good (thoyyiba) also.

DSCN1860 []

Okay, this restaurant also served other Chinese food which I had forget name of the food specifically, huhu, I’m sorry guys. But later if I come again to the restaurant, I will tell you the name. But in the mean time, you can just come here and look at the menu. There are pictures in the menu or you may ask the waiter, they are really friendly to explain to you the details about the food. Kudos to them for that.

So, what is my opinion for this restaurant? I think, the restaurant is great!! Because before this I really want to taste the famous Dim Sum but unfortunately it is non-halal. Although, maybe, I said maybe, the taste of the Dim Sum is not as same as the real Dim Sum, but nevermind, atleast I already had it.

Erm, for me the other side dishes that been ordered by us is quite exotic. Never for me seen the food before, except for the Beef Black Pepper. So, in my judgement, the food is Good. The environment of the restaurant is also Good. The price, for me it is a normal price in Damansara area. Overall, gave them 5 star. Woot~ Woot~ hoho. Continue reading

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