Hye and welcome to my blog. Also thanks for those who had read and comment on my post. You are here maybe because you are looking for Best Halal Food in Malaysia right?

If your answer is yes, then you are in a right place. Here I blogged on various halal food in town. But bare in mind, I’m putting my trust on the Halal status of the food to the Halal Logo present at the restaurant, mainly we prefer JAKIM one. But sometimes I will just look at the owner whether they are Muslims or not.

So, please don’t ask or critic me for any wrong information about the Halal status of the food that I’ve mention here. It would be a troublesome for me to display every Halal certificates in this blog post, but I’ll make sure myself to check about it before I eat, InsyaAllah. Ok?

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About the Author.

You may just call me Fadzioriq or Fadz | 1988 | Shah Alam, Selangor.

Love Food so much, especially Chinese and Western | Photography | Design | Cooking?! =_=”.

An Student advocates by profession \\ Oldest Son \\ Future Husband to …………………. (dunno who, hehe).

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My aim for this blog is to become The Best Halal Food blog, in Malaysia and World InsyaAllah.

My Wishlist
– Opportunity to travel to whole world finding Halal foods.

Why Us?
So if you wonder why am I blogging about food and travel when there are many bloggers had done the same thing?

The best thing I can say is, it’s my passion to Bloging. Then, I just realize that there are not many food blogs that focus on Halal dishes that available in many place. I just want to compile all my eating and traveling experience and would love to share it to the readers of this blog. ^_^

And furthermore, THE REVIEW DONE HERE ARE NOT SPONSORED REVIEW (unless stated). All post was done based on my honest view per se. I come, I eat, I pay, I review~So if you think I’m bias on certain part of my review, that’s all depends on my preference and mere opinions on such place. I’ve no intention to degrade or give negative comments purposely.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy surfing here and if you have anything, you may contact me through my Contact Page.

“Smaklig Maltid” or Enjoy Your Meal in Swedish.