Well, I’m not very much a fan of seafood, but I eat & love all foods that is good and halal. Before this I think I’ve wrote some post of good seafood’s in some area, you may refer here: Aroma Ikan Bakar, Kuala Selangor (which is among the most viewed post), Gerai Hasnik Seri Menanti, Terengganu, Dataran Helang, Langkawi and Jalan Bellamy, KL (only if you are really craving for Ikan bakar within KL and don’t want to go too far).

Back to Kedah, this time it is in Sungai Petani, and Tanjung Dawai to be specific. If you are a UiTM Kedah student or once lived here or whatnot, you’ll probably know this place right? This place is very famous for good seafood’s. If you want good and cheap seafood, this is the place to go. There are many restaurants selling seafood here, but this time I choose this restaurant because it is the first restaurant I see when I come here. LOL~

I don’t know whether there are other better restaurant here, for me, this restaurant is good enough because the food is good and the price is very reasonable. Anyway, let’s go for the picture after the verdict.

My Verdict

Food: Good. The seafood’s is very fresh too. And the owner is very kind to us because when we want to order for Kerang Bakar (Grilled Cockle), he explained that it is not a good season to eat it, as it will not taste very good.

You may order the food by set (it’s easier and cheaper though). And there are many sets to choose for depends on how many people you have. You can view the menu here:

Set’s Menu & Add-on Menu.

Price: Cheap. RM 90 for my family (6 person). Later I’ll show you what we ordered for that day (Oh ya, we took Set C).

Environment: Just a plain restaurant with a seaside view. You will hear the waves sound, really nice. But it all depends which restaurant you go lar, because some restaurant quite far from the sea.


Steamed Cooked Fish

This is the main dish for our Set. Looks promising isn’t it? Trust me, it’s good. :nari1:

Fried Kangkung with Belacan


Fried Egg



Well, the tomyam is good. Kedah is quite famous for their good Tomyam because of its location which is near to Thailand perhaps.

Prawn Tempura. This is our add-on.


Grilled Fish. This is our add-on too.


Location Map:- *click to view larger map

or view the map in Wikimapia: Dataran Ikan Bakar Tanjung Dawai (Warisan Pak Kop) @ Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Ok, let me explain you with regard to the direction. The route to go there is plainly simple, but if you aren’t familiar with this place, you might get lost. And if you have GPS with you, it might show you the shortcut route, which is quite confusing.

The easiest/ simplest direction: From Sg. Petani (Utara) Toll gate, go straight until u see a junction (I believe it’s a 3rd junction from the toll gate). There will be a signboard before arriving the junction stating Tanjung Dawai, UiTM Merbok, etc.

Then, turn RIGHT, go STRAIGHT, you will go through a BRIDGE. Then you will see another junction, go STRAIGHT again. Passing through a small town, then you will encounter another junction.

Turn LEFT, then just go STRAIGHT for another 25 KM. You will be passing through UiTM Merbok on your left, which means you’ve follow this direction correctly.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  5°41’22.61"N; Longitude: 100°21’26.39"E.

Contacts for reservation:
Suhaimi: 019-474 5511 / 010-404 6445
Din: 013-431 5459