Halal N Lovin' It

Or in English, Yummy Seafoods @ Aroma Ikan Bakar Restaurant, Kuala Selangor, Selangor.



Yeah guys, finally have the time to update this blog. Okay this time I want to blog about one good Halal Seafood Restaurant in Selangor. Okay2, I know it was too overated for me to described this Restaurant as “Terbaik (The Best) di Selangor”. I believed there are more good Restaurant out there, but this restaurant did impress me not only with their food, but something else. I will tell more below~

By the way, I hope this post also will gives some idea/choices to my twitter friend Pojiepooh on good Seafood Restaurant in Selangor. ^_^ Ok, lets go straight forward to the review.

So why did I say this restaurant is unique?

First, of course the food is Gooddd. But what is best about this restaurant is the location. It is located at the beach of Pantai Jeram in Kuala Selangor. And there are platform that extended to the sea where we can have our meals on it. It’s cool right?! Hehe. Unfortunately the beach is quite muddy so we cannot have a walk on it. =(


See the sea view~ Beautiful right? hehe

Anyway nothing to say anymore, let me just summarize my conclusion for this restaurant~Food pictures are served after the break. ^_^

My Verdict:

Food: To me, it’s Damn Good!!~ I see, because it was quite hard to find good Halal and Cheap seafood restaurant around Selangor area. So, what is our menu for that nite?

~Chilli Crab/ Ketam Bercili – The best yo!! But I don’t get much as people are fighting for this, so I gave up,haha.

~Grilled Fish (Ikan Bakar) – Ray Fish/ Ikan Pari. Best, eat with air asam, fuhhh~

~Asam Fish/ Ikan Masak Asam – Not really like this type of dishes, huhu.

~Grilled Cockle/ Kerang Bakar – Like! but yet, it’s normal and easy to find around Selangor.

~Tempura Squid/ Sotong Tempura – as above.

~Butter Fried Prawn/ Udang Goreng Butter– Not sure whether this was different with normal Fried Prawn, huhu.

Environment: As been said before, I love the environment here. The view is nice and the restaurant is also clean and neat. They have quite a big Surau here also. As we came here at evening so we have to perform Solat here first because after that we are going to watch fireflies at Kampung Kuantan. Yeayy!!

Price: Very affordable. Our order which is for like 15 peoples price is below RM300 only, so it will be like RM20 per pax. Quite affordable for the variant of dishes we take.

Restaurant Details:

Located at Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Opening Hours: 4.00 pm to 12.00am, Closed on Monday once every two weeks. If you are planning to come here in weekends, must make reservation first by calling.

Tel. Number: 017-316 3177


Okay, after our tummy are full, there are other activity our group had planned for that night~watching Fireflies at Kampung Kuantan, Kuala Selangor!! Hell yeah I was so excited that night because I never have the experience before. These are some pictures of Fireflies I managed to take:


If you see carefully to this image you may see some small light in there, sorry I don’t have high end equipment so that’s all I can take.



The situation there before we going deep to the darkness to see the fireflies. The boat fees are RM10 per boat which can be ride by 4 person.

Anyway, That’s all for now. More food and extra pictures after the break!! Click “Eat More” ^_^




This is our food! yeah~



 Urgh, this Chilli Crab is so tempting!! I craving for it while writing for this article!! *drooling*




Grilled Fish (Ray) 




Asam Fish




 Grilled Cockle




 Tempura Squid




Butter Fried Prawn


Location Map:- *Click to enlarge

Restoran Aroma Ikan Bakar Map

Map in details: Aroma Ikan Bakar Restaurant Map via Wikimapia.

GPS location:- Latitude:  3°13’26.67″N; Longitude: 101°18’18.26″E


Extra Pictures of Me and My friends~hehe


My Housemate, showing off the Boat Ticket before going to watch the fireflies.


Demam Kpop Malaysia

My friends having the illness called Demam Kpop Malaysia, haha~

fadzioriq On June - 13 - 2011

27 Awesomest commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. kena naya says:

    Aku makan kt sini semalam, minta maaf la sapa yang kata sedap tu mmg takde deria rasa atau korang punya standard citarasa amat rendah.
    Firstly, aku try pari bakar mmg tak bleh blah..kering,cili tak cukup,mcm nak hangus. Pastu, sotong masak kicap, shit..bau hanyir sotong tu.. Butter prawn, dah la kedekut telur, langsung xde rasa butter, tp udang mmg fresh. Ketam mcm sial, ntah masak apa rasa macam sos cili campur kicap, tak bleh blah..pemalas punya tukang masak, org pun tak ramai masa tu. Ikan kerapu masak stim, kuah langsung xde rasa,mmg cincai punya masakan tp ikan mmg segar. Lepas dah makan, bil dekat dua ratus. Aku rasa makan kt Klang takde mahal mcm ni.. Overall tempat ni, cantik pemandangan ja lebih. Masakan hampeh. Minuman ok. Harga memang cekik darah.. Sorry aku takan datang sini lagi maupun rekomen kt member.

  2. chan hong says:

    siapa ada aroma ikan bakar restaurant contact number?boleh bagi saya tak,saya nak order.TERIMA KASIH

  3. wan says:

    Hari ni aku gi makan kat sini, ini aku punya
    rating( 1(bad) – 5(good):

    servis: 3
    rasa: 4
    harga: 4
    kebersihan: 3
    persekitaran: 4

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