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Good & Fresh Tempura @ Gerai Hasnik Seri Menanti, Terengganu.


Hello, yes, in continuation of my post regarding my trip to Terengganu and Kelantan. You may refer my other post here: Seri Cerana Restaurant & Chalet, Kelantan | Satay Ikan, Terengganu.

Guys!! Have you ever taste the sweetness in deep-fried fresh fish?! or the freshness of any other seafood dishes?! Yeah, if you wonder whether if there any different, my answer is absolutely yes! =). Well, Terengganu and Kelantan was also a state in Malaysia that is very popular with their’s fisheries products. Terengganu was also known for having a longest beach in Malaysia (Source: Longest Beach In Malaysia).

Anyway, this stall is very, very simple stall as they only served Tempura and Keropok Lekor as their menu. Quite small menu isn’t it? However, there are different types of Tempura offered here, Squid, Fish, Prawn and Crab. However on that day we are only able to get Squid and Fish Tempura. FYI, Tempura in Malay is “Celup Tepung” (literally it mean flour coated), ie “Sotong Celup Tepung/Flour Coated Squid”. :iye:

My verdict on this stall is very positive. The food although was very simple, but it was good! It was very fresh and this is the first time, I think, I get to taste the sweetness in freshly cook deep fried fish. The price is depending on the current market value. You know, in Terengganu when Monsoon season come, it was hard for the fisherman to go to sea, so the seafood price may arise due to lack of supplier.

The car have no motive to the picture, I just like to include it. But you can see some part of the beach there on the right of the photo!! ^_^

About the condition of this stall, to me, it just like a typical roadside stall. However, this stall is located very near to Terengganu beach, you can see the beach from here. But I must warn you, I don’t know why there are a lot of flies in this stall. I think most probably because there are a lot of raw seafoods here in the stall.

Anyway, enjoy the photos taken: :hehehe1:


The Kitchen.

As you can see the kitchen is quite big compared to their small menu. So I think their dishes is very special.

The fish being deep-fried immediately when you order.


The food was served hot and fresh.

The Squid will be chopped into small pieces.

Well, I present you now our orders, Squid Tempura.


Squid Tempura (Side View)

The Dips

Now our Fish Tempura was finally here!!! Meow~~

Location Map:- *click to enlarge*

Err, I cannot give you the exact location of the stall, but what I know, the stall is located at the roadside of Kelantan-Terengganu State Road. The stall is located at Kg Rhu 10, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu which is at the north of Kuala Terengganu. I hope you can find the way to come here from the link of online map I give: Gerai Hasnik Seri Menanti Location via As you can see, the place I point here in the map is near Masjid Kampung Rhu 10, Kuala Terengganu, The stall is just at the roadside of the state road.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 5°35’3.67″N; Longitude: 102°50’12.09″E


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