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Ikan Bakar @ Jalan Bellamy, Kuala Lumpur

or in English, Grilled Fish @ Bellamy Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Actually for this review we go for the Gerai Sri Menanti as we don’t know which is the best. There are several stalls selling ikan bakar. However, I did not said it was a big mistake right? Will give my opinion later.

The restaurant was located very near the Istana Negara (Malaysia King Palace). It was the first restaurant among others. Detail location below.

DSCN0719 []

Ok, so how was the rating. I’ve notice many food bloggers have reviewed and gives opinions on this restaurant. But nevermind, every person have their own opinion rite? And this is just a small review for me to complete the food journey of mine.

For me, the food is good. The fish was nicely grilled. Then served with nice sambal. Overall it was good. There are variety of fish available also, and that you need to come here by urself okay. The environment, nice. Well neat. Price, okay. Not too expensive, normal price. I forgot the real price, mainly for the ikan bakar, it depends on the fish market price.

Anyway, done with my rating, let see the pictures taken:

DSCN0718 []The Ikan Bakar

some side order to eat with the grilled fish. Fried Rice and Salted Fish Kai-Lan.

DSCN0712 []

DSCN0717 []

Map: *click image for bigger size
Jalan Bellamy Ikan Bakar2
More detail map HERE in wikimapia.

Okay, i’ll need to made some little explanation here because you may get confused with all the flyovers if you are not familiar with the place.

If you came from Shah Alam, Klang or Kl Central, most probably you may come from Jalan Damansara or Jalan Syed Putra entering to Jalan Istana. Then you will need to turn left entering Jalan Bukit Petaling. Entering the Jalan Bukit Petaling, you’ll go along it until you see a junction for you to enter Jalan Dewan Bahasa or sign saying “Istana Negara”, you will need to turn right. Go straight you will see a flyover for you to go back to “Jalan Istana”.

After you enter the flyover, go straight until you enter the Highway, right after you enter highway, you will see a bridge above you and right after it was the entrance to go for your destination, on your left.

The GPS coordinate: Latitude  3° 7’49.86″N; Longitude  101°41’41.53″E.

The grilled fish will be available only for Lunch and Dinner. For lunch please come very early like 11am. It tend to finish early or fully packed if at noon.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Really appreciate it if you give some comment. =P


  1. Are the stalls opened on Saturdays ?

  2. I went here like 1 month ago, the food is not that great or i’ve choose the wrong stall. so frustrated

  3. inciktaktaopape

    January 9, 2012 at 12:40 AM

    kalau lunch…
    pilih gerai no 3…
    atau gerai paling hujung…

  4. Been there yesterday for the first time. not sure whether i went to the wrong stall or it’s simply a bad day, but the grilled fish aren’t that great.

    • aawww~I’m sorry for that~

      hurm, i also think the grilled fish is normal, but inside KL city, where can find good grilled fish? so I decided to give it a good review~

      Furthermore, I do not really like grilled fish, I love grilled meat more, chicken, lamb etc~

  5. What time the place close for Dinner? As im afraid driving all the way and the place is closed. Please let me know if you have any idea with their operation hours. Thank you.

  6. I've tasted their "ikan pari bakar" and it's the best I ever had!

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