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Restoran Mee Kari Kak Yah / Menora @ Jelapang, Perak.


Well, before this, I’ve recommended some good places for you to have your breakfast in Ipoh, remember? You may refer it here: Restoran Mee Ipoh, Roti Canai Greentown. This time, still, I want to share another good place to have your breakfast in Ipoh, just to make you confuse which one you should go~ =P

To me, this restaurant is quite unique and worth to be review because they have plenty of choices on their menu which is for a breakfast only (I will list out menu later). So me and my family frequently go to this restaurant to have our breakfast, if we don’t know what to eat that morning~

This restaurant is open in the morning only (but still, it will open till 12pm so you can have a Brunch also =P, but some of the menu may not be available). The funny thing is that me and my family always missed some of the menu as we tend to come late~

So, the verdict?

Food: Nice. There are plenty of choices for your breakfast. There are Mee Kari, Bihun Sup, Kway Teow Kicap, Wantan Ayam, Cheong Fun (most of this is Chinese food, I like!). Got Mee/Bihun/Kway Teow Goreng, Nasi Lemak, Half Boiled Egg with Bread, Roti Bakar, Malay Kuih Muih, and many more that I can’t recall. Unfortunately no Roti Canai~

Basically, all the food was nice and worth trying. But I recommend you to try the Curry Mee and the Mee Hoon Soup.

Price: Affordable, if not cheap. Most of the price range for the food is below RM5.

Environment: Normal street restaurant environment. Ah btw, this restaurant also has a branch, near the Carsem Factory, Meru Ipoh. The branch are more proper in terms of the restaurant environment.

Anyway, let the pictures do the talk~ Smile


Their’s signature dish, Mee Curry.


Mee Hoon Soup


Fried Kway Teow


Fried Mee


Chicken Wantan.


Half Boiled Egg with Bread/Roti Dengan Telur Separuh Masak aka Roti Telur Goyang.


Location Map:- *Click map to for bigger resolution*

Or details map via Wikimapia: Restoran Mee Kari Kak Yah.

The restaurant is located at:
Jalan Kledang Raya 1,
*Near Taman Kledang Jaya Mosque

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  4°36’55.56"N; Longitude: 101° 3’28.17"E.


  1. Wahhh… dulu i sekolah kat Teknik ipoh so rugi tak tau pun ade kedai makan sedap nih haha… Tapi takper, my sedare-mare all in Ipoh. Once got there i looked for Mak Jah’s kedai definitely. Thanks for sharing!

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