Halal N Lovin' It

or in English, Kway Teow with Soy Sauce @ Mee Ipoh Restaurant, Ipoh.

Wahhhh~ Seems like it had been ages I’m not updating this blog. I’m sooo sorry~ I had to face my unstable feelings recently. So I don’t have the courage to update this blog.

Okay, this semester break, I had finally get the opportunity to had a relaxed holiday in my hometown Ipoh. So I decided to go for some good food to have been known as Ipoh trademark. Last time I had reviewed some best halal Nasi Ayam from Ipoh rite. You may see Here or Here. Okay now I want to review another food that is known very much in Ipoh. The Bee Hoon Soup, Curry Mee and stuff like that. But today, I will not post about Bee hon soup or Curry Mee, but another speciality which is Kway Teow Kicap.

DSCN2116 [eatz.me]

So, my opinion~

Yes, its good. It’s hard to find in another place this type of meal. If you have one, please do tell me~

The condition/ environment of the restaurant is fine~

Price is very reasonable. RM 3.80 per meal. Drink RM1.30.

Anyway, take a look at the picture I took~

DSCN2111 [eatz.me]My meal

DSCN2103 copy [eatz.me]

DSCN2109 [eatz.me]

DSCN2100 [eatz.me]

DSCN2096 [eatz.me]Price Tag. I ordered one Bee Hoon Soup.

Location Map:*click for bigger size.

Mee Ipoh

More details HERE.

GPS COORDINATE: 4°35’55.61″N; 101° 5’2.28″E

Thanks for reading~ Any comment are really appreciated. Sorry for the late post.

fadzioriq On July - 20 - 2010

4 Awesomest commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. iedham says:

    Ketchup means tomato sauce, in english kicap = soy sauce

  2. fadzioriq says:

    yup, Mee Kari Haji Daud Mat Jasak surely one of the best Ipoh Mee curry~
    Absolutely gonna post about this restaurant later, I dont have the opportunity bcoz of time consuming~ =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    if nak cari another kway teow kicap famous in Ipoh,u may go to Mee Kari Haji Daud Mat Jasak at Greentown Mall foodcourt.
    i'll gerenti lagi sedap!

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