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Maybe This is The Best Roti Canai in Ipoh, Perak.

or dalam Bahasa Melayu, Mungkin ini Roti Canai Tersedap di Ipoh, Perak.
Okay, this post title seems like I’m too confidence. Actually maybe yes and maybe not it all depends on your perception. For me, this is the best I’ve tried. I will told you why I said that later, maybe picture is worth to see rather than to say.

Rite, straight to the point, the stall I mention here named Hilmee Stall. It is located at Greentown food court, which is in front of Greentown Mall. It is very easy to go there. Will give you the map at the end of this post.

DSCN2176 []

So, what’s so great about it?
Fuhhh, thats what I can say. The Roti Canai was very soft and Crispy. It was also very fluffy you know. Very like it. When eaten with its kuah, it will complete the dishes. However I like to eat it with the only kuah Sambal, I recommend you that.

The environment of the place is fairly clean. And prices can be considered normal lah. And I would like to remind you that this stall only open in the morning from Monday to Friday only okay, that’s make this stall exclusive or special. And you need to come early because they sold out quite fast.

Hereby I hope you enjoy the photos taken.

DSCN2163 []The Stall

DSCN2173 []

DSCN2170 []Looks fluffy and crispy rite~

DSCN2175 []In addition, Roti Canai Sardin.

Okay, so the location of the stall: (Map)
Roti Canai Hilmee[]
The GPS Coordinate: Latitude: 4°36’14.19″N; Longitude: 101° 5’40.73″E
That’s all for now. Hope you can leave some comment. Thanks for reading.


  1. isyh tak perasanler kedaini masa selalu gi sini masa keje kat ipoh (tapi ni kisah dah lamaler :ngeh6: :ngeh6: )

  2. wah~awak pun ske yeak?=)

  3. Wahida Nasution Thakhrim

    August 9, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    wah!! rindu kat roti canai kat kedai ni..

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