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Best Lontong In Shah Alam @ Restaurant Lontong Klang.


Well, the name of the restaurant does not reflect their location, it was located at Shah Alam actually. But yeah, Klang or Kelang town is famous with one of their signature dish which is Lontong. Lontong was a well known Indonesian food, among Javanese people. There are several types of Lontong, but the one that are famous in Malaysia is known as Lontong Cap Go Meh in Indonesia. Well, you can read more about it here on Wikipedia.

This restaurant doesn’t have any other speciality except for its Lontong and Nasi Lemak. Ironically, that’s what makes them so special among Shah Alam folks. Therefore, I might just do a short review this time okay.

The Verdict

Food: The Lontong was good. Love them although it was my first time~ The ingredient was superb!! There was Tempe (Jawa people like this thing very much), Sambal Sotong, Boiled Egg and some other ingredients that I can’t identified because I had ate them~ :hehehe:

And the Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong was also veryyyyy gooodddd~Homai!

Price: Affordable, I believed. RM4.50 for normal Lontong and RM4.00 for Nasi Lemak Sotong. However, I think the portion of the Nasi Lemak is quite small~ =(

Environment: Okay, just a typical restaurant, nothing fancy here. However, sometimes the restaurant is very crowded, especially after 10am. The crowd sometimes makes the customer feel uneasy eating there.

This restaurant is a self-service restaurant. The owner was a very generous person. They open their shop everyday from Monday to Sunday. However, they only open half day, which is from 7.30AM to 3.00PM (Monday-Thursday, Saturday and Sunday), 7.30AM to 12.30AM (Friday). But, I would like to advice you to come early because they always have a full pax and the food always sold out earlier.

Anyway, Hope you enjoy the picture below~ =)

LontongLontong Biasa


Nasi Lemak Sambal SotongNasi Lemak Sambal Sotong.


Location Map:- *click to enlarge*

Lontong Kelang Restaurant Map Shah AlamThe restaurant was located at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam, at the commercial center near the UNISEL.

or view it via Wikimapia: Restoran Lontong Kelang, Shah Alam Map.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:   3° 4’32.85"N; Longitude: 101°29’48.97"E.

Okay, that’s all, thanks for reading~ =)


  1. Kalau tak silap, owner restoran ni dulu berniaga di Klang, lebih tepat lagi – di Emporium Makan (berdepan dengan pasar jawa), dan sebab tu nama restoran lontong klang. Masa kecik dulu selalu makan. Tapi sekarang tak sempat2 nak singgah. Rindu lontong dia memang best!

  2. this is the best lontong in shah alam…
    actually got few branches in klang and shah alam too…
    one more..
    pakcik cashier tu memang peramah!!

  3. I stayed in Shah Alam and I always go to this Giant Seksyen 7 to buy thing. But how come I never heard of this restauranttt.. Definitely will try this, this weekend !

    Thank you for sharing

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