Salam, Hello Brotha’ and Sista’!!

Vanakam!! Okay, today I’m gonna blog another cool restaurant in Ipoh, Perak. Well this restaurant had established in Ipoh for a long time, I wonder whether they have any other branch or not~

If you craving for some Halal Indian food, I recommend you this place. Well, actually it is quite easy to find any Halal Indian food here in Malaysia because most Indian food don’t contain pork or alcohol, however you still need to be careful as the beef still need to be slaughtered according to syara’ right?! Anyway, for this restaurant I believed it was safe/halal because I heard the owner was a Muslim.

And one more things, if you ever think that you can get this at Mamak stall, I would say you are probably wrong. Although the menu is basically quite the same with what Mamak stall have, the uniqueness of the food is still there, here in this restaurant. You might just have to feel it by yourself okay~ *But I will try my best to show what was cool here =P*

Okay, let’s just go to my verdict on this restaurant.

Food: The food was amazing!! I mean it’s full of ingredients in it. Well it’s a typical of Indian food, they contained all the spices that makes your face turn red with their hotness. But to me, it was not too hot lah, just so-so only.

Our order. =)

The menu was big. They have variety of choices for every type of dishes. For example, for chicken, they have like 10 different type of cooking. Same thing happen with beef, fish and mutton. There are other side dishes like Naan Cheese, etc.

The food was good to me. Although I’m not into the Indian food, but this time it was an exception. I enjoy it, but as the portion of the food was quite small, I feel like some kind of unsatisfying feeling that night. :ntahle:

Environment: Very comfy. Nicely decorated. Air conditioned. Will show you the interior pictures below~

Price: Affordable but quite Pricey a bit. I will tell the price later below every picture. =)

The Briyani Rice – RM24.50 for 5 persons.



Tandoori Chicken – Half RM17



Beef Dopiazza (Actually I’m not really sure what “Dopiazza” is~ =P) – RM8



Regular Fish Curry – RM20



Mutton Masala – This is gooding!! – RM8



Naan Cheese – RM5



Thick Manggo Juice – Like!! – RM26 per jug.


SoMe InTeRiOr PiCtuReS.



Eating Area


Eating Area 2




Decorations 2



Location Map:- *Click to enlarge*

Or details map via Wikimapia here: Pakeeza Restaurant Map.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 4°35’59.03"N; Longitude: 101° 5’13.26"E.