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Radix Fried Chicken [RFC] @ Ipoh, Perak.


Yeah, finally I had done all review which was taken by my ex gf (my old camera). This post was taken by my new gf named Fiona (which is also a camera :blublublu: ). Well, this just make me looks like I’m a #foreveralone right? haha~Nevermind, just ignore that. LOL.


Anyway, I give the honour to my first post using my new camera to this brand new type of franchise. Yes, I know, you will probably have this thought in your mind right? Like, “Naah, another copycat of KFC” whatnot. But wait, put away your stereotypical thought this time, it’s really different and quite special too. But yeah, some of the menu was quite the same with KFC menu~ I will show you the picture later.

Radix Fried Chicken – Fresh, Halal and Organic.

So, what was very special about this restaurant compared to other established Fast Food restaurant franchise like KFC, Mc Donald, A&W, Marry Brown, Wendy’s, Popeye so on and so on (There’s are a lot to be named)?!

The answer was in the main ingredient, which is the chicken itself. Radix (one of the tradename for HPA group companies) was quite famous for their’s health supplement products, ie, Radix Coffee. For Radix Fried Chicken, they breed the chicken themself. And they claim that the chicken was organically breed, where it doesn’t use any modern breeding technique like antidote injection etc. So, if you are a type of person who are very particular with the chemical usage in your foods, I would really suggest you to try this!~ =)

Chilli and Tomato Sauces is one of HPA Group Products.

Anyway, whether the claim was true or not, I’m not very sure, because to me, the taste and look of the food was quite same with others. Anyhow, if you can tell me the differences, could you write it in the comment section? I will really appreciate it~ =)

The Verdict.
Food: Okay, it’s pretty impressive. I don’t really notice the difference between the Normal Fried Chicken and Organic Fried Chicken, and I just love it. However, some of the restaurant menu was like copying the famous fast food chain in Malaysia, KFC, ie: the Cheezy Wedges, and I think KFC one is better on this part~

Among the menu they have are: Black Pepper/ Mushrooms Sauce Chicken Chop, Radix Chicken Rice, Some regular Chicken Sets, Burgers, Nuggets etc. Mostly it was just like any other Fast Food restaurant but only in Radix, the chicken is organic! :yeah1:

Price: Reasonable. Not sure whether it was cheaper than KFC or not, but even if it is pricier, look, it’s an organic chicken man!! I know it wouldn’t be easy to breed them!~ :arghh1:

Environment: Like any other fast food restaurant. They open from Monday – Sunday, 10.30AM to 11.00PM (10.30PM onwards only allow take away). Closed from 1 – 2PM on Fridays in order to give respect to Muslim Friday prayer.


Some Comments.
And, before I go to the photos I’ve taken, I would like to gives some comment/suggestions on this restaurant, hoping that some improvements could be done. First, when I go there for breaking fast, there are some menu that unavailable (not sure about other menu, but I try to order the Chicken Rice, but it was unavailable. Mushrooms Chicken Chop also was not available on that day~huhu). Actually, this just made our choices as customer become limited.

Second, although the interior of the restaurant was quite nice (to me), it was pretty quiet because there is no radio or music played at the restaurant. We also need to use our own radio from our handphone to hear the Azan for breaking fast. Well, in Marry Brown, they played the Azan from their radio.

The restaurant interior.

Third, there was lack of promotion for this new branch in Ipoh. I only know it from my mom friends that recommend this restaurant. Luckily I’ve heard it before when I studied in Sg. Petani Kedah, but I never get the chance to try it there, so that encourage me to try this restaurant in Ipoh.

Forth, try to be creative like any other fast food restaurant. For example, they could do a seasonal menu. ie: like McD have their own Prosperity Burger for certain limited times.

Fifth, no branch in Selangor?! Please have one. You can have in Shah Alam perhaps? =)

Anyway, my comment above is just an extra point. If you are someone who are related to this restaurant/franchise, you may take it as some improvement point for your business or you may just ignore it, okay? No hard feeling~ There is a lot of way to make the business better, I see the potential of RFC to become a big name in future. =)

Hope you enjoy the photos below~~

The Counter.


Black Pepper Chicken chop. Naiisss~


RFC Chicken Delight Spicy. Herbs Chicken.



Chicken Nugget. Actually I saw they used Ramli Nugget for this, if I’m not mistaken.


Cheesy Wedges. Not really a cheese I think, maybe just a Dressing Mayonnaise.


Location Map: *Click to enlarge

or you may view it via Radix Fried Chicken Ipoh Branches.

Other Radix Fried Chicken branches:-

You may also contact them via their facebook fan page:

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 4°36’26.65″N; Longitude: 101° 3’46.92″E.

And that’s all for now, thanks for reading!!~ =)

P/s: HPA group companies is quite famous company that encourage the production of Halal product and food in Malaysia. May their efforts are blessed!!~ :good:


  1. I enjoyed reading this. Thank a lot for taking the time. I’ll check again to see what’s new and inform my coworkers about your website.

  2. Ayam organic kurang minyak dr aym kfc.kalau perasan bila mkn kfc, cubit je ayam, mcm berair dlm dia. Kat shah alam dah ada di sec7. 🙂

  3. saya akan datang…

  4. Great review! So good that it makes me feel like trying it.

    I’m attracted by the prospect of having organic chicken, and the fried chicken looks so good.

    My wife’s kampung is in Ipoh so we’ll definitely try to visit next time we go back. From the map doesn’t look too far from her house.

    • Hye Adino, thanks for the comment~ =)

      Yeah, the organic chicken makes them quite different from others~However, I really don’t get to differentiate it with normal chicken. Maybe in term of health, it’s good, but if it goes for the taste, it’s quite the same lah~ =P

      Ipoh have a variety of good food, but it rarely being exposed, unlike Penang food~huhu. I haz a sad~ =(

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