Albeit lack of promotion (as I couldn’t find any in social media), this restaurant was able to attract me and any other people of Ipoh. Before I went here, I saw a lot of people at this restaurant which makes me wonder what’s so special about it.

From the outside, you can see that the decoration was nicely done and the restaurant was well lighted. There is a place for you to dine outside if you prefer open air environment whereby the restaurant is air-conditioned inside. Upon entering, this restaurant amazed me with its interior and decoration.

Proceed with the menu, I found it is quite unique compared to other cafes in Ipoh. This is what I’m looking for actually, menu that is different from others. This gives me the indication that the owner is really passionate in their restaurant business.

Anyway, let me just give my conclusions for this cafe:-

Food:- I basically love the food here!! There’s plenty of choices from Western to Italian to Asian to local delicacies. Scroll down for more description on the food that I’ve tried.

Price:- Personally I think the price is okay..

Environment:- The restaurant aka cafe is neat and clean. Decoration are nicely done. The restaurant is air-conditioned so it is a very big kudos to them.

Other additional info:- *Kindly comment here if you want me to add any details such as telephone numbers*


Jawa Spicy Chicken Chilli Rice. Recommended but a bit spicy. Careful.


Chicken Chops


Chinese Fried Rice.


Meatball Blackpepper.


Hor Fun


Lamb Chop.




Pa Ka Pow Fried Rice.


Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake



Menu Front Page.


The restaurant settings.




Upstairs settings.


Little kid patiently waiting for his food.

Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Google Maps:- House Restaurant @ Ipoh Town.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°35’39.2″N ; Longitude: 101°04’50.8″E.

Address: Jalan Raja Musa Aziz