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Restoran Kampung Ipoh @ Sunway City Tambun, Ipoh, Perak.


The area of Tambun in Ipoh has been known for it’s famous landmarks, the Lost World of Tambun by the local and outsiders. But there are also many nice foodspots you can find here. Recently, I was told by one of my colleague that there are new interesting restaurant in the area of Sunway City, Tambun. As she described the restaurant to be very unique and beautiful, I became a little bit curious to go there.

So I went there and I was quite amazed with the interior of the premise. The restaurant was designed to a bar-like environment and the decorations of the restaurant is really nice with all the lightings and ornaments. So, with all the decorations and interior, will the food be good? The question that most of restaurant owner must answer.

So me and my friend decided to ordered a western food as a trial. I ordered a Chicken Chop as it was my standard food for any western delicacies and my friend ordered a Chicken Burger. And I think the food, though limited to what I had for that night, it did not really impress me. It was just a so-so.

But as always, this is subjective and different people have different opinions, so it is better for you to try it first before you rely on my opinions here. And I did not try other type of delicacies, so my opinions might not be valid here because the crowd was quite big when I came here that day which it means it must be something good.

Anyway, I don’t have anything to say anymore so I’ll just rate this restaurant. Enjoy the pictures below~

Food:- So-so. Does not impress me as how the restaurant interior had impressed me. I really hope they can improve their western food though.

Price:- Reasonable.

Environment:- Decorations are really nice. Nice concept and experience.

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If you have come to this restaurant, please do respond in the comment box below of what you think of it ya!!


I love the Bar-style Concept.


Chicken Burger


Chicken Chop







Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Restoran Kampung Ipoh @ Sunway City Tambun, Ipoh Perak.


GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°37’58.1″N; Longitude: 101°09’13.9″E.

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  1. I do agreed wif you..they do not particular bout the quality of their food and charge with unreasonable price..althought i am muslim i rather go to chinese restaurant…………

  2. Teman baru je lepaih mkn di Restoran Kampung Ipoh…Sdap wei, Yeop…Teman order Koay Teow Goreng (kering sbb tu bru namanya Char Koay Teow)…Adik teman order Mee Goreng & anak sedara order Lamb Chop…Daging kamben lembut betul, Yeop…It came with mash potato…mash potatonya di sadur dgn bread crumbs & goreng…Ghope sebiji mcm Bergedil…later, kami order pulak cheesy wedges & satay daging & kamben – 10pcs each…The cheesy wedges is so much better than what you buy from the famous fried chic outlet…the cheese taste is not so cloying & heavy…as for drinks we had teh c & teh tarik…Smua terbaek, Yeop…try cube lagi Yeop…Yong berani kata sdap

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