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Iftar / Ramadhan Buffet @ Casuarina Meru Ipoh Perak

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

Last week I had the opportunity to have Buka Puasa at Casuarina@Meru, Ipoh. It is a new hotel in town. This year they held their first Ramadan Buka Puasa buffet. Since this is their first, maybe we could expect some specialty in their menu.

Lucky last week I had the opportunity to try their buffet, so I snap some picture for you. But before that, I’ll just give my verdict of what I personally thinks with their buffet.

My Verdict:-

Food: Nice, unique, because I don’t see any other hotels in Ipoh served roasted kibas in their menu. But the taste of the main course didn’t impress me very much. There are plethora of choices of food from the Appetizer to Dessert. Some of the Must-Try food are the “Cucur Udang Rose”, “Roasted Kibas” and the “Nasi Mandy Kibas”.

Price: RM49 (Adult).

Environment: Normal Hall room.

Other Additional Details: Surau is provided. They also organize a Terawikh + Witr (together with the Imam & Bilal) for those who cannot make it to arrive home on time after the Iftar.

For Booking:-Tel.: 05-529 9999 Ext. 1008 (Coffee house)

Casuarina@Meru Buka Puasa Buffet Brochure

Okay, now enjoy the picture~

I will start off with their main speciality, Roasted Kibas. Anyone know what Kibas is? Actually it is a same species with goat, sheep. Kibas or Qibas is one of Bovid family. The taste? Personally I can’t see any different from normal roasted lamb / goat meat, but yeah~




Nasi Mandy Kibas. One of the main attractions for this buffet.


Next is their main course. Basically the dishes are various, not just traditional Malay dishes, they also have Chinese, Indian style cooking.

The main course dish were set in the old traditional “Sampan”


The various types of dishes.


Kari Kambing Madras


Sotong Masak Kicap


Steamed Fish Teochew






Various types of Kerabu


Ikan Bakar


Now we move to the side dishes. Casuarina is well known for it’s Cucur Udang. From what I heard, the Chef preparing the mixing had been offered by several hotel already. I love cucur udang or some people called it “Jemput-Jemput, “Cucur Bawang, “Cucur Badak” and sometimes when I have free time, I made it myself for my own. I tried this Casuarina’s “Cucur Udang” and trust me it is good.


They deep-fried the Cucur on the spot



Bubur Lambuk Rusuk Kibas (Kibas Ribs Rice Porridge)




Mushroom Soup and Bread




Now, the dessert~

Cakes, Cream Puff and Agar-Agar


Malay Kuih and Fruits


More Malay kuih


ABC and Condiments


Sweet Porridge


Fruit Rojak


King of Fruit, DURIAN


Drinks~ As you may see, there are many choices of drinks from cold to hot drinks. There are Air Tebu (Sugar Cane), Soya (Soy), Sirap Bandung (Rose-Milk), etc.



Hot Drinks – Tea, Teh Tarik, Coffee


They had a very large hall. But it is divided by 3 partitions and will only be open based on demand. During weekdays they will use only one partion of it, while during weekend they will open two hall but will combine it into one.

One partition hall


2 partitions hall combined


And I think this one is quite nice too, they have a performance show while the guest is enjoying their food.


And this is the best where I think there is no other Hotel in Ipoh had done this, organizing a Terawikh prayer bundle with the Iftar buffet. They had done a very good job by doing this.



The location of Casuariana@Meru can be easily seen from the Plus North-South Highway at Bandar Meru Raya. It is near with bus terminal Amanjaya and Mydin Ipoh. So I think I don’t have to provide you with the location map yah?

Address: No. 1-C, Jalan Meru Casuarina, Bandar Meru Raya, 30020 Ipoh, Perak.


  1. Hi! Blh bgi thu menu pd 27.06.15 dan harga untuk budak & dewasa.

  2. hi, may i know menu for 26th June 2015.

  3. Salam.

    Price for Kids and senior citizen ?

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