Well, actually this is a veryyyyy old post till I really can’t remember exactly when is the date we go there, lulz~ But anyway, just for a record purposes, I decided to publish this post.

I went there with my housemate and all three of us went there by a night train from Kuala Lumpur Sentral station. To cut things short, we arrived at Lumut Jetty at 9.00 AM. Then after we bought our ferry ticket *The ferry time frequency is every 1 hour*, we went for breakfast at the stall nearby.

This is our breakfast. It’s very nice~


Then we walked to Lumut Jetty and wait for our boat/ferry to come. While waiting we do some camwhoring, but the picture must not be disposed here, because this is mainly a food blog, so yeah~ :muntah3:

Heading to Lumut Jetty.


So, when ferry arrived, we get on board, take a nap while waiting for our ferry to arrived Pangkor jetty. And the ferry heading to Pangkor Jetty will make 2 stops. So, don’t get confused like us when the ferry stop at an ugly jetty (I forgot the jetty name, lulz) because there will be another jetty. :arghh:

Pangkor Jetty will look like this.


When we arrived Pangkor Jetty, we asked the van taxi to bring us to the entrance of Teluk Segadas. For your information, Teluk Segadas (during our trip) is still a virgin beach within Pangkor Island. There is still no development to that place and it is maintained by one camping site admin. To get to that place, you have to Jungle-tracking for about 1 Km or less. It is just a simple tracking, but may not suitable for pregnant women or old folks.

This is the entrance heading to Teluk Segadas. You can easily see the tracking path. Your taxi’s driver will know the place once you mention Teluk Segadas to him.


This is one of the challenge you have to face for the jungle tracking.


Okay, this is our first view of the Teluk Segadas beach when we arrived!!! I think this it’s worth the pain of the long journey and the jungle-tracking we did. The view was splendid! I think this is the most beautiful beach in Pangkor Island!!!


So after got amazed with the view, we set up our camping tent that we rent from the campsite manager. I think the price for the tent is RM 10 per day. But I think it’s better if you bring your own camping tent because theirs is just a cheap one plus I’m not very sure whether they still running the business now~ :T_T:


So after we finish setting up our camping tent, it’s time to play!!





w00t! w00t!


So after tired of having fun, it’s time to relax while waiting for the night to come~

It’s very a good place to relax. No road, no vehicle sound, just the beach~


View at dusk~


FYI, the view at night here is very nice. You can see the star very bright at night due to absent of any light nearby! But I’m sorry I forgot to snap any picture of it~huhu

Anyway, fyi, the campsite manager actually don’t have proper kitchen. This is their kitchen. They allowed us to ‘tumpang’ for a while their kitchen. But I dunno whether they will allow you too, because this is my friend fault as he just believe what they said in their website. So we have to ask nicely to them for us to use their kitchen.


Some info for you:
– We visited this place maybe somewhere in 2010, so I’m not very sure whether this place is still exist or not because the campsite manager told us that the state government want to take that place and develop it. (and we are against it!!!)

– This is the campsite manager website. You can try to contact them for any details~
Teluk Segadas Adventure Camp

Anyway, I think this trip we made is really worth the money and pain. Because the place is very beautiful and the beach is really clean. I don’t think you can get this kind of beach anywhere in Pulau Pangkor. So just in case you are at Pangkor Island and don’t know what to do, where to go, you can try to visit this amazing place.