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Mat Periuk Cafe – Philosophy Chef Kamarul @ Kg. Tersusun Tasek, Ipoh #matperiuk


If you have been or lived in Ipoh recently, you may noticed that there are several new art café being opened here. What is art café? I don’t think there are any specific definition for it but I might just consider it as a hipster and cool place to hang out with friends. The restaurant/café will focusing on arts in their interior design beside serving great foods. I believe this will be a good moves to make and to promote Ipoh town as a place for arts & culture tourism.

For Mat Periuk Cafe, I found it to be quite unique in several expects. First, the location, which is quite far from the heart of Ipoh town which I don’t really understand the reason behind it. But I believe it is worth the time to try to find it. It’s like finding a gem hidden by rocks and sands *actually this comes from the Barbarossa – Stones’ lyric*.

Next, this restaurant claimed to be having a touch of Malaysian celebrity chef, Chef Kamarul, in their cuisine. So the food must be good or atleast would have some standard right? Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can meet him at the restaurant.

Third, the premises itself. Why on earth it was positioned like that? You will only know what I mean if you visit the café yourself. Nonetheless, all this gives uniqueness to their cafe.

Anyway, I had the opportunity to snap several photos of the food, so enjoy the picture after the verdict!


My Verdict:-

Food: Food is quite good. There are variety of choices here. From Fried rice to Westerns to Italian food. My favorite is the Egg Omelets Cheese. But the Carbonara is good also, unfortunately I don’t have the picture of it.

Price: I can say it is a little bit expensive for Ipoh folks but I think this is worth the money. Food is good, environment is nice…what more could you have to ask for…

Environment: Creatively decorated place. Good place for a date or for just a chill out time with friends. I just personally hope that they have air-conditioned room~*Malaysia is very hot you know!!* lulz

Additional Info: Mat Periuk Café Facebook

Open everyday (as claimed on their facebook at 30/08/2014). 3pm-12am. 017-572 5579.


Mixed Grill


Omelette Cheese *Unfortunately it doesn’t look like an omelette*


Sizzling Grilled Chicken Chp


Air Bandung Cinta


Dessert with Pavlova & Daim Chocolate Cake. *Sorry I accidentally ate the Daim cake before I manage to take the picture of it*




Mixed Grill – Extra


Location Map:- *click to view bigger picture*

View it on Wikimapia:- Mat Periuk Cafe @ Kampung Tersusun Tasek, Ipoh, Perak.

Address: Lot 22241, No.40 Hala Tasek Timur 11, Kampung Tersusun Tasek, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:  04°38'13.8"N; Longitude: 101°07'18.5"E.

And since I’m publishing this on 31th of August, so Happy Merdeka Day MALAYSIA!!

#matperiuk #Merdeka57

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