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Iftar / Ramadhan Buffet @ Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites, Ipoh Perak.


Well, another review for buffet Ramadhan from me and this time, I went to the brand new hotel in Ipoh, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites. This hotel was opened at the end of 2011 if I’m not mistaken. It was located at the heart of Ipoh city, at the Sungai Kinta riverbank. So, since this hotel is very new and looks very grand, I would like to have a try at their Ramadhan Buffet.

Ok, I hope you have a good internet connection since there’ll be a lot of pictures I want to share with you~

For this 2012 Ramadhan buffet, it was held at the Palong Cofeehouse with a theme “Selera Kampung” which means they will served mainly the traditional Malay foods in Malaysia. But, from what I see, there are very wide range of dishes available, either Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Italian. So, in conclusion, there are variety of dishes available for you to choose. Later I’ll show you in the pictures.

Anyway, I believed, I could do better with more pictures and less words. Let’s go for the verdict first.

Food: Yeah, there are very wide range of foods available. The main dishes consist of Malay’s traditional foods with a touch of modern flavour. It ranged from meats (Chicken, Beef, Lamb, etc) to seafood’s (Squid, Fish, etc) and Ulam-ulaman. There are also, Pasta Corner, Roti Canai Corner, Roti John Corner, Cendol, various types of Porridge (Sweet / Congee), Various types of Dessert (Cakes, Fruits, Ice Cream) and Cucur Udang Corner.

Well, this list might not be definite, you may contact them to confirm if you want to (I will give the number below), but they’ll promise you very wide choices of foods.

As for the taste, the main dishes is very good. God job to the chef. I think the Roti John is just okay (There’s better one in Bazaar Ramadhan). Cucur Udang is very good. Ikan Bakar is also good. Well, it’s will be wasted for me to just described it myself. You need to have it a try. Overall for me, the food taste good.

Environment: Hurm, the hall is not too crowded, the view is very nice, you can see Ipoh town from the coffeehouse as the wall is made of glass, so it’s transparent. It was really nice you know. Eating area is comfortable, the arrangement of the dishes is good.

The Dining Hall.


Some decorations at the entrance.

Hihi, as you might notice, the stairs of the Traditional house has already broken right? I have one funny story of it. One toddler excitedly running towards it and try to climb it, thinking it to be a real playhouse, haha. Pity but cute! :naknanges:

Price: I believed it is reasonably put, RM 55 per adult & RM 28 per Child. If you are bringing 10 person, you will get 1 spot for free (This might be a temporary promotion, so it might change for the next Ramadhan).

Okay, let’s go to the picture~~ :hehehe1:

1. The Main Dishes

This is part of the dishes.


Look how long is it.


The Ikan Bakar is grilled at that time.


Ikan Masin (Salty Fish) & Telur Masin (Salty Egg)





Various types of Sambal (Malay’s Sauce).


Bubur Lambuk (Congee) & at the side of it is, Seafood Tomyam.


This is what I take for that day.

Well, I only take part of the lauk, Mutton Masala, some chicken stew which I’m not sure what the name is because it has quite unique name, Prawn, Squid and Fish. Sorry I really can’t remember the name of the dishes. :mengapakah:


2. The Side Dishes

Now we move on to the side dishes. They have several interesting side dishes, I managed to snap some of it.

The have Pasta. The chef will made it immediately upon order by you.


Roti John. Roti John is one of significant dishes during Ramadhan. I wonder how it gets the name.


Cucur Udang. My parent friends said that this Cucur Udang is Very Good.


Mee Udang.

There is one more side dishes that I failed to take some picture of it, the Roti Canai corner.


3. Dessert & Beverages

Now, it’s time for the Dessert and Beverages. For the beverages, they served Roselle, Sirap Bandung as cold drinks. There are White Coffee as Hot drinks. And of course there are plain water too.


Sweet Porridge.




Rojak Buah.


And there are various types of cakes and pie’s.





Ice Cream. Who doesn’t love it right?


Location Map:- *click to view larger version

or view the map in details via here: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites Map.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude:   4°36’6.07"N; Longitude: 101° 4’44.61"E.

Some Details:-
Available only from 21 July till 18 Aug 2012.
Address: Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites,
Jalan Lim Bo Seng,
30000 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel.: +605 245 8888 (Ext.: 9973)


  1. Hai. Nice review psl food from u. Jz curios u bdk law uitm kan? Batch suz and farahin ek? Cz ur friends tu smue mcm familiar. Nway keep up the good work!

  2. Follow sini (^___________^) with love from Ipoh~ <3 Seronok baca pasal makan-makan.

  3. Farizatul Shima

    August 1, 2012 at 12:51 PM

    Salam, ada surau di kinta riverfront? where? Kami intend nak buka puasa di situ.

    • ada, puan boleh bertanya pada pekerja bertugas disitu untuk maklumat lanjut arah ke surau. kalau tak silap saya, boleh bwat terawikh jgak, sebab luas dewannya.

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