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Iftar / Ramadan Buffet @ Heritage Hotel, Ipoh.


This is from the last year Ramadhan (2011). Just thought that this is a good things to share as Ramadhan is coming back in a few days~ 🙂

And as always, during ramadhan, people will search for a good place for iftar, either with a family, or with friends or to organize an iftar with a orphan or any other ways that will brings pahala to them, InsyaAllah. And during this time also, most of the hotels in Malaysia will started to give an offer to have the Iftar at their place.

Last year, my fasting month is in Ipoh as I have a very long holidays. So I managed to go to this place. Anyway, I have nothing to say anymore, enjoice the picture after the verdict:

Food: Well, I saw a very wide variety of foods available. Got Malay and Chinese cuisine. See picture below.

Price: I think it’s quite affordable, RM44 per head.

Environment: Very Nice, surau a lil bit small I presume? Its a room converted to surau. But it’s normal for any hotel to do that here.

The Hall

The Hall is nice right? It is an open hall. And don’t worry, it’s air-conditioned.

These are some of the menu for Chinese Cuisine. Seafood Lok-Lok, Nasi Ayam and Char Kway Teow.

The Nasi Ayam and Char Kway Teow are made at that time.

Roasted Lamb.

Ikan Bakar.

There are many more choices of foods. But the Chicken Rice is very gooding yaww! And it’s eat-while-you-can since it’s a buffet. So, I only eat the Chicken Rice and Roasted Lamb until I’m full that day , true story.

Dessert! Dessert! Dessert!

They Pianist. Looking sad huh? Feeling much? hehe~

Koi Fish pool at the middle of the hall.

More hall picture. As you can see, there are more choices of food *look at top, left*

Well, to me, the food here is good and there are plenty of choices also. However, maybe the place is a bit crowded as there are too much people. Maybe they shouldn’t just look at gaining profit only by allowing more people at one time. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents, maybe they had improved now, I never know.

Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to wish you all, Happy Ramadhan. May this Ramadhan brings good to us and cleans us from all the sins we’ve committed. Happy Fasting and Worshiping~ :sayangkamu:

Location Map:- *Click to view large version

Or you may refer here (via Wikimapia): Heritage Hotel, Ipoh.

You may go to their website for any inquiries: Heritage Hotel Ipoh Website.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 4° 35′ 42.46” N; Longitude: 101° 5′ 58.86” E.


  1. Choo Poh Suan

    June 14, 2016 at 5:15 PM

    Can u send Ramadan buffet price and menu with me? thanks.

  2. baru jumpe blog ni..skrol2..nice entry pasal makanan..rase mcm nnti nak try je semua tempat yg ade dlm blog ni g try makanannya…keep it up! *thumbs up*

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