Well, probably if you are a frequent reader of this blog *hope I have one :blublublu: *, you may noticed that this blog have not being updated for quite a long time right? If you wonder why, it’s because currently I have a very hectic life, pursuing my studies.

I really need to focus to my studies this time. And to me, blogging, besides being one of my passion, is a very serious job. It needs time and mood to write a quality post. I don’t know about others but to me, that’s how I look.

Well, during my course of studying, it’s really hard for me to find a time and having a good mood simultaneously to write in here. However, I will always try my best to buy some time to write a post here and to answer your comments.

So, I hope you can bare with me for quite some time~It’s not I’m stopping from blogging, but I shall need some time to settle down my things~
Anyway, Take care, eat well and Love ya!! :muah3: