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Sizzling Chicken Teriyaki Fried Rice @ Kafe Impiana, Seri Iskandar.


Do you love Chicken Teriyaki? Or have you ever heard about it before? For me, I love Chicken Teriyaki, I love the sweetness of the dish. When I had the Roasted Chicken Teriyaki at Jaya Jusco Bukit Tinggi Mall for the first time, I was like…Wow!! That was good~

But, be careful of Non-Halal Teriyaki Sauce.

I must precaution you that there are danger of Teriyaki marinade product at the market, as it may contain wine as their ingredient. The label of Teriyaki marinade product that I had identified to contain wine is Kikkoman which is sold at Tesco Hypermarket Malaysia. It was located at open shelf (in Tesco Extra Ipoh, but it may be mistakenly put there), so please be very careful guys, please check the ingredient first before you buy.

Hotplate Thai-style Chicken Fried Rice.

You may check their website here: Kikkoman Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce. However there are also Teriyaki marinade label that does not contain wine. Basically the thing is made from Soy Sauce (Source). However, Kikkoman label also offer the Halal one, which does not contain wine. I noticed about this when I try to find some proof of my allegation above, at Tesco Ipoh (please aware that Tesco and Tesco Extra is different in Malaysia).

The difference is that, the Non-Halal Teriyaki Marinade by Kikkoman, which contain wine, was made in Singapore but the Halal one is made in Malaysia. I’ve taken some photo here as a proof. This photo is taken at Tesco Ipoh and I’m sorry because at this moment I was not able to proof my allegation above regarding the Non Halal Teriyaki Marinade was put in Open shelf in Tesco Extra, Ipoh, but I swear to god I saw it.

Non-Halal Teriyaki Marinade.

Non-Halal Teriyaki Marinade Details.

This is Halal Teriyaki Marinade photo, but still, it doesn’t have Jakim Halal logo on it. It just don’t have wine as their ingredients.

Halal Teriyaki Marinade Malaysian Made.

Halal Teriyaki Marinade ingredient details.

Anyway, this is to clear things up, that you can enjoy any Teriyaki dishes where the restaurant have the Halal certificate. However you still have to be very careful yaa~huhu

Pheww!! Let’s get back to the main topic!!~ (I think I’ve lost pretty much ya?! =P)

Restaurant Interior.

If you are a student of University Technology Petronas or Uitm (Kampus Seri Iskandar), you’ll probably know this restaurant. This restaurant is located at Bandar Universiti, Sri Iskandar. This restaurant was recommended by my sister after we have no idea where to eat in Seri Iskandar town as it was quite a small town.

And what I like the most on this restaurant is their special menu, where they serve their dishes in a hotplate style. Beside the uniqueness of the dishes, it has a good taste also~Except for the fried rice which is quite plain I presume? Overall, to me, this restaurant is good place to try when you are in Seri Iskandar. The Price a bit pricey for this area (I think?), RM 5.00 per set for Sizzler Fried Rice (the hotplate). Environment was clean, Service was good.

Anyway, enjoy the photo taken~Location map is in the end of this post~ ^_^

Chicken Teriyaki Hotplate set


Hotplate set comes with plain fried rice


Ayam Paprik Hotplate


Ayam Masak Halia


Location Map: *click to enlarge*

or view it via Restoran Kafe Impiana, Bandar Universiti.

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 4°21’50.79"N; Longitude: 100°58’39.84"E.

That’s all. And I think this is the last post I made with a compact camera. Not sure yet, but thanks for reading!! ^_^


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