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Exclusive Breakfast @ Shook!! Cafe, JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur


In my previous post, I already talk about my stay at JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur. You may refer here to read it. This time, I want to review the breakfast they serve here. As before, I get to review this because they give free breakfast for one person if we stay here as hotel guest. But if you want to add up person or eat there without being a hotel guest, RM 55 per person will be charge to you.


Anyway, I think the food here is good yaww~And I was amazed by the variety of food they serve!! I wish I can try their Lunch and Dinner one day, huhu. It was worth for RM 55 of your penny, I presume.

Maybe I shall make some short list of the food they served here:

1) Pastries – Croissant, Muffins (4 flavours I think), Bread (Normal Bread, Oat, maybe more I’m not sure), etc.

2) Western – Sausage, Grilled Meat, Omelette, Scramble Egg, Baked Beans, etc.

3) Chinese – Wantan Mee, Lotus Pau, and some of it I not sure of the name.

4) Malay – Nasi Lemak (The sambal is sooo hot yaww~), some Kuih, Bacon Fried Rice (It’s Chicken Bakon for sure and I’m not sure whether this is Malay food or not,hehe), Fried Yellow Mee.

5) Indian – Various Roti Canai ie: Roti Pisang, Roti Telur, Roti Tisu, etc just like mamak stall. Got Chapatti, Tosai.

6) Arabian – Hummus (I just thought this maybe an Arabian food, but I’m not sure what it is. I’m reluctant to try it, huhu.)

7) Cereal – Got 6 different flavours I think.

8 ) Salad – I’m not trying this, because I don’t like it, but I just wow’ed at various vage you may choose. Also there are like 4 or more different cheese you may choose.

9) Fruits – So much choices, Pineapple, Watermelon, Apple, etc.

10) Dessert – Pancake, Waffle, etc.

11) Drinks – Hot: Coffee or Tea; Cold: there are like 12 various flavours of fruits juices.

Erm, I think that’s all I can remember for now. There are more for sure. I wonder what will they serve for Lunch and Dinner, there must a lot of food to choose. I think the food here is marvellous. Me like the food, maybe because there are a lot of choices they give and the treatment they give.

It feels good sometimes to eat at such an exclusive place. Maybe its a good place to treat your loved one here. There are also other restaurants available here. From what I see, there are Arabian food restaurant, Korean and Chinese food.

Anyway, I think this post will be fail without a picture as a prove for my words, so enjoy the food-toshot after the break. Just to warn you as usual, the amount of the picture is quite big, hope you can patiently wait for it to load.

DSC02772 The looks of the Restaurant.

Anyway, lets go one by one from what I take first, ok? First I tried the Western Breakfast, Omelette, Smoked Meat, Sausage and some Baked Beans. See the picture below.



DSC02771 So this is what I take.

Next…still hungry for some rice (typical malay appetite~huhu), so found this.

DSC02777 Nyum2 Nasi Lemak.

So I take Nasi Lemak and tried this “Nasi Goreng Bacon” (Bacon Fried Rice). Never seen this before, the Fried Rice.

Ok now I’m quite full. Maybe it’s a mistake to take soo much rice. But yet, this stomach can still be fill up. So I take some Roti Canai, see pictures below. Here, they didn’t use instant Roti Canai, in fact they make it on the spot, so it will be quite fresh.

DSC02791 The Maker.


DSC02789 so here is what I take.

Ok so now I’m full. Need something sweet ad a Dessert. So I go round and round this restaurant again. Found this, yeah~
DSC02776 Pancake, Waffle and Sugar Bread. Nyum2~Take it and add some Honey and Apple Syrup.

And also take some Muffins from Pastries corner.

So here is the result.

Yummy rite?? Even I’m starving when making this post, huhu. Anyway, they also had super various type of Fruit Juices. From what I’ve been told, they have Orange, Mango, Watermelon, Guava, and others I forgot already.
DSC02785 I asked this man.

DSC02786 I take Orange Juice.

And obviously they also did have hot drinks, Coffee or Tea, Sir.

And just to complete the course for breakfast, I take some cereal. They have like 6 types of it and 4 types of milk I guess (Cold, warm, Full Cream, Fresh Milk), but I take only one, Honey Star and Fresh Milk.


And This is some other dishes I didn’t take that day. I’m full already yaww~

~ Arabian food, Hummus, I really dunno how to eat this. Maybe will try it next time.


~ Salad…boringgg~huhu


~ Fresh fruits, lotsaa types of fruits, if you love fruits, you’ll like it.



~ And Some Chinese food. Lotus Pau, Wantan Mee and some other. Although I’m a Chinese food enthusiast, but I’m not in the mood for it that time. I did try to take the Wantan Mee but as I failed to find the Mee, I cancel my plan. :alamakhehe:

And that’s all yaww. I have sooo much “fun time” here, to be precise, my stomach did “had fun” here, hoho~I really hope someday I will have the opportunity to try the Launch or Dinner here. Nyum3~ :terharu:

Anyway, bye2~ :bye:


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  2. amboi makan sakan hang mior.hahah! :nomnomnom:

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