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Malaysian’s First Speed Train, ETS KTMB. – Part 1


Last time, on my other blog, I had wrote on my experience taking the ETS train from Ipoh to KL. I had the great experience though. But now, I want to, sort of, made a review on this great service offered by the KTMB.


So, what is ETS?

ETC stands for Electronic Train Service, launched in 2010. It first route was between Ipoh (Perak) to KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur) to Seremban (Negeri Sembilan), but will be extending throughout the west side on Malaysia to Padang Besar and Johor Bahru.


About the Train and Service.

It fast. Actually it not lah as fast as the one in China, but we Malaysians had small country so this train was already good enough for us. It can go about 160kmph on top speed. Maybe because the design of the train and the rail was not made to go too fast.


Mostly it runs between 140 to 160 km/h.

It also very accurate in time yaww. Normally, it will only late for like 5 minutes and below. However, I’m not guaranteed this okay, you know, even in country like Japan, problem might happen~who knows~Every ticket will stated the time you’ll depart and time you will arrive. And also the time estimated for the journey. And I’ve been riding for 3 times all are very sharp in timing

There are 2 types of train available. Express train and Shuttle train. Obviously the Express train will be faster than Shuttle train rite?!haha~Because the Express train will stop to other stations lesser in its journey. The estimated time for Express is 1 hour 45 minutes, Shuttle 2 hours and 15 minutes.


Comparisons with other public transportations.

Comparing the ETS with normal KTMB shuttle train, the later will take about 4-5 hours of journey time between Ipoh-KL.

Comparing with busses. From Ipoh, there’s a lot of Express Busses offered to KL. However, with the current situations where there are so many accident involving Express Bus, I have a doubt about the safety of the passenger. But who knows rite?? Accident happens anywhere, everywhere, and once again I will not guarantee this.

But as for the comparison on the journey time, I believe ETS will be faster. However the result might be same. The estimated time for busses is like 2 to 3 hours. Depends on the traffic.

If you take a taxi or by car, you might catchup with ETS, but the fares is like a Hell-no!! You might need to pay like RM300 for one trip Ipoh-KL. And it depends also on the traffic.

You might be wonder why I’m not compared with flight. Obviously flight will be faster, but there are no flight for Ipoh-KL. So sorry~


My opinion on the service.

Anyway, I’m really impressed with the service. Congrats to KTMB maybe for the great service. And to government too. There are many reason for this.

1) The time accuracy for the journey, Really nice.

2) Reasonable fares, RM30 per journey from Ipoh to KLS or Seremban to KLS. This are the promotion price, it will change on 28 February 2011, no news about the new price yet.

3) The frequency of the trip. One day there are 6 trips of weekdays started from 4.00am. On weekends  there are 7 trips. Will give you the details later in next post.

4) They have steward & stewardess yaww~Haha, quite funny I think as it was a train service, but, I like it. Nice~

5) Have their own waiting lounge. Now, this is what I really loved. The lounge is even better than the VIP lounge in Ipoh Train station. It has it’s own cusyen and air-conditioned. I had only experienced the one they have in KLS and Ipoh Train station, not sure whether they have in other station.


 The Lounge



The VIP Lounge in Ipoh Railway Station

Having such a high frequency in their trips allow people to commute from KL to Ipoh and come back in one day. This had done by my uncle when they go for the KL International Motorshow in 2010. Maybe someday there will be people working in KL and lived in Ipoh, like in Japan.

Anyway, I think this post are too long for now, so I will continue it in the second part. There will be some interesting picture I took on my experience taking the ETS. Bye2~

-:2nd Part:-


  1. Thanks to our government for the train service. At least more than 10 years of waiting is not just a empty promise and full of complaints and delay train schedule.

    I love the train and services provided by ETS. Perhaps all outstation train in future should follow the same service as ETS.

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