OMG I’m so excited to blog about this yaww. This is my first hotel review. Last week I get to experienced one of the exclusive hotel franchise in the world, which is the JW Marriott Hotel Group. As some of us know, JW Marriott is a quite famous hotel group, they have so many branches in the world, ie Indonesia, Malaysia, US, and many more. Apart from having a lot of branches, they also offer a 5 Star hospitality to their hotel guest. But, mostly they are famous with the bombing attack at their’s Jakarta Hotel. Hope this will not happened in Malaysia.

The JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur is located at Jalan Bukit Bintang, just in front of Pavilion Mall main entrance. So the location is a very strategic location inside the KL’s golden triangle. Anyway, I’ll give the detail location map and GPS coordinate at the end of this post.

Talking about my stay here, I’m just amazed with this place. Yeah, I’ve never get the opportunity to go such an exclusive place like this before. But this time it came as my father had to go for some training here. The stay was sponsored, so there is no such thing for you to get jealous with me okay, hehe~ :blublublu:

The Hotel

JW Marriott is located on the same building with Starhill Gallery. There are a lot of exclusive and expensive boutique here. So if you are a type of person who has a very high taste you will love this place. But if you don’t, just make sure you have a lot of money to go here, every items here is above RM 500 for sure. ok kidding2~

DSC02809 [EatzMe]

DSC02812 [EatzMe]

DSC02806 [EatzMe]

DSC02655 [EatzMe]Swimming Pool View.

Enjoy more picture after the break. There are some nude interesting pictures I managed to take, like the condition of the room, the view from the room and also the toilet. So please read more~

P/s: Warning large amount of picture ahead.

DSC02555 [EatzMe]Small lounge before going to the room.

DSC02560 [EatzMe]

The Hotel Room

Anyway, for this post purpose, we only managed to take the deluxe room because obviously we couldn’t afford to pay for other expensive room, this is the cheapest room available. And it cost us MYR 414 per room.
DSC02596 [EatzMe]

DSC02562 [EatzMe]Bed, so comfy yaww~

DSC02602 [EatzMe]The TV set (Look thumbnails below to see the available channel, there are like 15 channel available)

DSC02578 [EatzMe]

DSC02584 [EatzMe]

DSC02586 [EatzMe]I’m trying to capture the whole toilet view.

DSC02616 [EatzMe]

DSC02619 [EatzMe]Complimentary internet which means its Free!!!

About the internet speed, its quite impressive, here the speed test result. I just enjoy youtube channel in HD here~hehe

Anyway, more picture below, I make them small in size so faster loading. =) To view in bigger size, just click the image.

DSC02628 [EatzMe]

The Hotel Room View (Front View)

For the window view, we managed to get the city view which is on the Pavilion side. It was quite a nice view you know.
DSC02627 [EatzMe]

DSC02609 [EatzMe]

DSC02608 [EatzMe]The Pavilion Residence


JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur is located at Starhill Gallery Mall. It is just in front of main entrance to Pavilion KL. If you need a detail map on wikimapia click HERE (look at the center map pin point that I had set for you).

GPS Coordinate:- Latitude: 3° 8’51.70″N; Longitude: 101°42’50.25″E.

More info here:

I think that’s all for now. I’m sorry for the late update. Anyway, I also enjoyed the breakfast I had here, but will tell you later in my next post, so stay tuned~ :lalala:

More Picture

DSC02624 [EatzMe]DSC02623 [EatzMe]

DSC02611 [EatzMe]DSC02607 [EatzMe]

DSC02594 [EatzMe]DSC02593 [EatzMe]

DSC02583 [EatzMe]

DSC02590 [EatzMe]

DSC02563 [EatzMe]

DSC02570 [EatzMe]

DSC02601 [EatzMe]

DSC02582 [EatzMe]DSC02595 [EatzMe]DSC02612 [EatzMe]DSC02603 [EatzMe]

DSC02614 [EatzMe]DSC02588 [EatzMe]DSC02605 [EatzMe]DSC02606 [EatzMe]