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Ayam Penyet RM4.50 @ Seksyen 2, Shah Alam.

Okay, before I post on my second day food trip to Surabaya Indonesia, I just want to make short post of one more good and cheap Ayam Penyet restaurant in Shah Alam. Ayam Penyet in Shah Alam is getting famous. A lot of Ayam Penyet restaurant had opened here recently. For example there are Ayam Penyet-AP Shah Alam Branch.

But my post here is not about Ayam Penyet-AP, it was just a small stall at Prima Dua Food Court. If you remember, I had previously made some reviewed on the stall at Prima Dua food court. Yeah, that place was a very famous eating spot for UiTM student.

ayam penyet kremes

Ayam Penyet Kremes

To avoid the crowd, if possible, please don’t come here during a peak time like lunch or at Dusk (from 6pm till 7pm) time. Seksyen 2 are very pack during that time. Because at that time students had just finished their classes, so they are going to have a meal. and don’t come after 10pm because I think they will be closing.

DSCN1074 []

Anyway, I should just go for the review kot~

The stall I’m talking about is named Sri Lekir. They will be a banner stating “Ayam Penyet Kremes”. The stall lot number is No 40. It is located very near to Wawasan 2020 stall. I’m sorry I forgot to take the picture of the stall.

The verdict.

Hurm about the price, obviously I had stated at the post title. For that price you will get a set of Ayam Penyet and Nasi. But there are no soup like the one at Padang Jawa. But you can ask for some kuah from the makcik.

Environment, I think I had talk about this in my review here. To be fair, it was just like normal food court.

Erm, the food is good. Atleast they have some-crispy-crispy-stuff at the Ayam Penyet. I like that. The Ayam Penyet is also cooked when you order, so it will be still hot to eat. More like. Then the sambal is good, although it was very spicy.

Enjoy the food-toshoot.

DSCN1066 []Ayam Penyet close-up.

DSCN1065 []Garing-garing close-up.

An addition, the famous Milo Tabur. Be aware that the price was separate from the food price.
DSCN1058 []
Anyway, I think there’s no need for me to give you the detail map to here. You may refer my previous post regarding Prima 2, Shah Alam.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and hope you can give comment. And wait for my 2nd day in Surabaya post.=)


  1. this is nice..should try it.tq for the review 🙂

  2. anytime pun bleh~tp just at that time yang saya ckp tuh peak hour je~tkut2 awak tak ske jem lah kat sini~hehe
    and kekadang je menda tuh jadi~
    but to answer ur question, waktu paling baik dalam pkul 2 till 6pm~

    and yeah, setakat nih mmg saya rasa sambal dia mcm tuh~pedas tp manis~mcm leh membunuh gak lah~

  3. Then what time i should go mr? 😛 Actually kat bazar Gambang ada jugak jual nasi ayam penyet. Pergghh~~ sambalnya pedas gile but ada rasa manis sedikit. Ni 1ist time i makan ayam penyet. Adakah sambalnya rasa macam tu?

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