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Ayam Penyet RM5 @ Padang Jawa

or in English Smashed chicken RM 5 @ Padang Jawa, Selangor.
Wow!! I really was firstly amazed with this restaurant. Didn’t expect that such place could have such a nice restaurant.

Ayam Penyet is quite a famous dishes now in Malaysia. It was dishes came from Indonesia. Before this, I have made one review about this from another restaurant,
Ayam Penyet – AP and Restoran Simpang Tiga, Ipoh that served Indonesia food.

DSCN1633 []

So, why I said that I’m not expecting such restaurant in that place before? Because the place can be said quite isolated from town. It’s called Kampung Padang Jawa. This place is mostly occupied by the squatters. However, don’t judge the place by the words I said, you need to come first and see it. The restaurant condition is good.

Well, the food is good. What most important that it is Halal as all the workers and owner are Muslim and they are Indonesian. But the sambal is quite different from other Ayam Penyet restaurants such as Ayam Penyet – AP, Restoran Ayam Penyet or Ayam Penyet Ria. I think it taste like shrimp paste had been put. Just to warn you who had sinus problem, you may allergy for this.

The environment is nice, averagely clean. Price is good compared to others ie. Ayam Penyet – AP or Ayam Penyet Ria. The price will be given below. Anyway, overall gave 3 stars for them. The service is quite slow when many people around. Its open from 9 to late night. All the time the Ayam Penyet were be available.

Neway, enjoy the picture after read more.

DSCN1659 []This is the menu set. Rice (you need to get for yourself at the station), Ayam Penyet and Chicken Soup.


DSCN1660 []The Ayam Penyet Close-Up


DSCN1660 []Another Menu. Pecel Lele / Keli Penyet.


Drinks (just an addition)

DSCN1629 []Roses Syrup drinks


DSCN1640 []Extra-Joss drinks (RM1.50)

Price: Rm4.50 per set. Plus drinks (only Sirap, Iced Tea) = RM5.

Location Map
Ayam Penyet Padang Jawa RM5

Details HERE. GPS Coordinate 3° 2’59.77″N, 101°29’21.73″.

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  1. if this is the first time u’r coming to this place, or u go there on peak hour..surely they will served u lil bit slow. this place famous for uitm, i really missed this place a lot. very budget place to eat and the dish very delicious especially the sambal..yummy!!

  2. sgt besh…affordable…sambal pedas mmg besh…jgn la kutuk bagai, kalo dah ramai customer, mmg xterlayan…tp besh!

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