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Yup, your holidays to Terengganu would not considered as complete without having their most famous local dish which is Keropok Lekor. It was like the Satay Ikan but this time they did not grill it, just deep-fried.

There was a say among the locals that when the raw Keropok Lekor was bringing outside the state, it will taste different rather then when you eat at the shop where you buy the Keropok. True or not, I’m not really sure, but somehow, the theory of the freshness of the food can be applied here. The Keropok Lekor was made from fish, so when you keep the food for a long time, it will probably not as fresh as the Keropok at the stall. And yeah, most of the stall that sold the raw Keropok Lekor will served you the cooked one also.

The most recommended place for you to buy Keropok Lekor is at Kampung Losong, Terengganu (Recommended by Terengganu Tourism). However the place I want to blog here is not located at Kampung Losong but the dishes was based on that place. Actually this place was recommended by my parent friends who was once a local here. I would like to remind you that I’m not promoting this place, you may try others, I blog this for my reference later~hoho ^_^

Anyway, to me, when I tried the newly fried Keropok Lekor, it was quite good~~Damn it was really good actually!! If not because it was really hot as it was just taken out from the Kuali, I will eat all 20 pieces of it, huhu. The dipping sauce was also good. I really encourage you to try the newly-fried Keropok Lekor when you come here, be it at this stall or anywhere in Terengganu which you might think their Keropok Lekor was original and good~

Oh ya, actually we get 50 pieces of Keropok Lekor free at this stall, as a gift from the owner as we buy a a lot from them~hoho. Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the photo taken:

Keropok Lekor Maker

Keropok Lekor in the making.

Large selections of Dipping Sauce.

They also sell various types of Keropok at a wholesale price~~

Other variation of Keropok 1

Other variation of Keropok 2

And this is quite special. Have you ever try Air Nira Nipah (Sap Water from Palm tree)? It was quite good actually, and you should try it~ ^_^


Look for this signboard if you want to go here, or you might just call them~ =P

No Location Map because I forgot already where is the place~LOL!

But I’ll give you the phone number, if any: 019-9467675 or 019-9932967. Ok guys that’s all, this will be my last update on my trip to Terengganu for this time and I hope I can come here again in my quest to find good food here!! Have a nice day!!

fadzioriq On September - 29 - 2011

15 Awesomest commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. Salniza binti Seali says:

    Saya nak tanya tentang keropok goreng yang bercili. Kalau beli 1 bungkus besay (30 bungkus kecil) berapa harga.
    Saya nak beli dalam lebih dari sepuluh bungkusan….

    Salniza Seali
    H/P : 013-710 1618

  2. Raja Khadijah says:

    Salam…. I think number phone u bagi silap :(

  3. Hanna says:

    This is a must taste dish for 2012!

  4. Julie says:

    gosh ur post makes me crave for them keropok lekor!! looks like i need to make a trip to terengganu really soon!

    btw, ur blog layout is super nice! love it! =)

    • fadzioriq says:

      Hye Julie! Magad I’m such a big fans of you guys blog!! Thanks for visiting here~ :)

      Anyway, yeah, Terengganu was a great place, the culture was unique~However I didn’t get the chances to explore all the great foods there~huhu

  5. anamizu says:

    cik ana tiap kali akak ipar balik ganu,mesti mintak die tapau kopok lekor sane..originated from tganu! terbaek!! hehe

    cik ana.

  6. tiefazatie says:

    x try yg pengkalan setar ke?

  7. Farah says:

    Owh sedapnyaaaa kopokkk osong! Lame dah tak makan yg the real ‘tganu’ one!

  8. Pojiepooh says:

    It’s true, if you bring the raw keropok lekor outside Terengganu, it will taste not as nice as inside Terengganu itself.
    Actually there’s hundred of keropok lekor places that you can try out, my favorite wasn’t Losong, but Batu Rakit.
    Ahhh how I miss Terengganu a lot!

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