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Satay Ikan @ Masjid Terapung, Terengganu.


Okay, short post, continuation of my blog post regarding my trip to Kelantan and Terengganu. Before this I had blogged one of the restaurant that I visited during my trip to Kelantan and Terengganu, view here: Restaurant Seri Cerana & Chalet, Kelantan.

Oh btw, I forgot to mention in the previous post that this is my first time going to this two states, so I may not cover the best foodspot this time~I’m looking forward to come again and discover more interesting foodspot there.

Anyway, Terengganu was very famous with it’s local snack food named Keropok Lekor. Keropok Lekor was made from fish which had been gone through certain process where at first the raw fish meat will be minced into small pieces. Then it will be compressed to produced a long cylinder shape like frankfurter.

However, this time I will blog about Satay Ikan. It seems like it was the same with Keropok Lekor, but this time the keropok will be grilled first. To me, it’s a good snack for you to try for.

Let’s just enjoy the image taken to get the better picture~^_^

Satay Ikan

The Sauce

The Satay Ikan

Neway, Have a nice day!~

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