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Bistro Qaseh @ Seksyen 13, Shah Alam.

Hello, this time I want to review one good restaurant for you to try on. For us who lived in Shah Alam we frequently have a problem in finding good and ‘unusual’ restaurant to go around this area. Sometimes it is quite boring to eat at the same food spot all the time.

Before this, I had reviewed some food spot around Shah Alam, but that is the past, lets find new one. So I’ve found one, Qaseh Bistro or Bistro Qaseh, or what ever you want to call it. And this time I have a big menu to tell to.

top Ok, this restaurant is special, all their decorations are based on love theme. I don’t know why but maybe that’s their speciality. Nvrmd anyway, lets focused to the food.
Ok, the food, is good~ really, for their seafood grill. It’s really nice to be try to. Enjoy the food-toshot after the break. I really recommend the seafood grill. The price? Reasonable. Look at the picture urself, too lazy to list it out~ Environment of the restaurant is very comfortable. The location of the restaurant is located near the Les’ Copaque who’d made the Upin dan Ipin movie. Map below.
Pricelist []Price list

Neway, enjoy the food-toshot. ReAd MoRe PleAsE~(sj gedik)

DSCN0957 []Rice~

Overview []Food Overview

Mushroom Soup []Mushrooms Soup

Chicken Tomyam []Tomyam campur

Cencaru Seafood Grill []Grilled Cencaru

Seashell Seafood Grill []Grilled Seashell

Ok, this one is special. They are having a promotions for Chili Crab set. 1 set RM25 and I don’t think they have the promotion anymore. See the picture below.

Chilli Crab []

Chilli Crab2 []

Chilli Crab5 []

Chilli Crab4 []
Chilli Crab3 []
and this is the expression of satisfied customer~haha

Satisfied [] Happy~haha

Bistro Kasih New Map
or in details here: Restaurant Qaseh Bistro via Wikimapia.

Contact for any details:
Kemalawati Yahya
H/P: 019 217 2737
Tel/ Fax: 03 5511 9979
No.2 Jalan Boling Padang F13/F,
Seksyen 13, 40000 Shah Alam,

This restaurant closed on every Sunday starting from OCT 2010


  1. By the way this place has a very good satay but too bad it has been closed for quite sometime. But guess what, the owner opened a new one called Restoran Bambu (I can’t really remember the restaurant name) in Kampung Sungai Penang in Klang. Should try!

  2. mcm pnah krje at cni jew…..mmg sedap mknan die..
    klaw xcye tnye die…..

  3. nak try restoran ni nnti..kt area sek 13 tu ada satu restoran chinese muslim..sedappp..and the price are quite affordable…cer try..

  4. dulu i pernah try chicken
    chop dia, not bad la..

  5. hai such a good review how about the price?

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