or in English Smashed Chicken @ Ayam Penyet – AP.

logo3 Yeah, before this I had reviewed one famous Indonesian food restaurant in Ipoh, Perak here. This time I want to review other Indonesian famous food which is known as Ayam Penyet or Smashed Chicken. I’m not sure about the origin of the food in Indonesia, but what I know the food is good and it was available in Malaysia. But there are various restaurant that serve it as their speciality like this Ayam Penyet – AP Restaurant, Waroeng Penyet, Ayam Penyet Ria, Restaurant Ayam Penyet, etc and I will review the others later.

Ok, lets go straight to the point, what is best about the Ayam Penyet? To me, I like it because of the contour of the chicken is very soft and light. I like the sambal also although it was very hot and spicy. Based on my knowledge, the chicken had been smashed first before being cook. That cause the meat to be very soft.

So, enough of talking, lets just looked at the food-toshot after this.
DSCN0793 [eatz.me]This is what we ordered~ 2 Ayam Penyets (because 2 people meals) and Telur, Tempe, Touhu Penyet

DSCN0790 [eatz.me]Ayam Penyet in the Close-Up

DSCN0792 [eatz.me]Telur, Tempe & Touhu Penyet in the Close-Up

DSCN0786 [eatz.me]Snow Shake – Blue Coral

DSCN0787 [eatz.me]The color *for those cannot see the color in previous image

To me, the food is good but just like other fast food restaurant, its hard to find a satisfaction eating its food. Taste of food is good. Price is normal (one set is like below RM10 I think for Ayam Penyet – Comes with the Rice). The place environment is nice, like other fast food restaurant environment. There are other Penyet’s menu to try on also~


Ayam Penyet - AP map

or here.

Other details please visit their website: Ayam Penyet – AP