Halal N Lovin' It

Or in English, Nasi Padang, Indonesian Food @ Simpang Tiga Restaurant, Ipoh.

Salam~ This time want to review one good Indonesian food in Ipoh. The restaurant is known as Simpang Tiga. This restaurant was very famous in Medan, Indonesia. And the branch in Ipoh, Perak is it’s first branch outside Indonesia. The restaurant had been grand opened by the Sultan Of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah. You may read further here about the restaurant.

DSCN0278 copy

Anyway, I will give you the directions to go to the restaurant later. First I will review it. Actually, in my opinion, the restaurant is great if you are finding Indonesian food. The have variety of traditional and modern Indonesian dishes available. And the taste is also great. You will find it were very original for Indonesian taste.
Anyway, I dont want to talk much, just see the food-toshot~Read More please.

DSCN0281 [Eatz.me]This is Air-Conditional Dining Hall~ Only open for certain occasion~
DSCN0282 [Eatz.me]Normal dining hall~
So when you want to order your food, you can whether order from your table or you may try like the mamak nasi kandar order style, go to the food station and choose your dishes and for how many amount you want (per people).
DSCN0280 [Eatz.me]
There are so many variety of Padang style dishes available here.
DSCN0287 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0288 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0283 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0284 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0286 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0285 [Eatz.me]
So this is what we take~
DSCN0315 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0326 [Eatz.me]Fried Chicken
DSCN0321 [Eatz.me]Ikan Bakar with Pucuk Ubi~

DSCN0306 [Eatz.me]
DSCN0314 [Eatz.me]Ayam Masak Lemak
DSCN0311 [Eatz.me]Red Cooked Prawn with Petai
DSCN0310 [Eatz.me]Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak

DSCN0307 [Eatz.me]Pucuk Ubi
DSCN0318 [Eatz.me]Indonesian sambal~Not too spicy compared to Ayam Penyet sambal~
DSCN0303 [Eatz.me]
And this is some special drinks that we ordered~
DSCN0298 [Eatz.me]Apple Juice~
DSCN0297 [Eatz.me]Corn Juice~ (I don’t really like it, it has some corn powder when I drank it, don’t know about you~)
DSCN0296 [Eatz.me]Coconut Water~
So, if you are wondering where is the restaurant located at the Greentown Square, it was located near the Federal Building, behind Greentown Mall. Below is the map:
nasi padang simpang tiga
or more details grid HERE
So, based on my opinion, the Restaurant is Highly Recommended if you are finding good Medan Nasi Padang in Ipoh. The food is good and it has variety of them. The environment of the restaurant is also very good and comfortable. Maybe it just the price is quite high for some people. Maybe to cover the operating cost of the restaurant. But for me the price is reasonable~They get 5 star from me~
P/S: Im not sure whether the restaurant is open in the night or not~
Anyway, happy eating~ Thanks for reading~

fadzioriq On January - 23 - 2010

5 Awesomest commentators!! Thanks~ ^_^

  1. lovely-princess says:

    It’s good that you guys enjoyed your food here. Anyway, I’ll forward your compliments to my uncle..:)

  2. aniffaadia says:

    I have tried it 100 times..the food is so superb and really delicious. U can’t believe the price that u have to pay..really great and value for money…!! (If compared to other Nasi Padang ‘s Reastaurant in KL)

  3. fadzioriq says:

    I really glad you like it~
    yes, this restaurant if a good place to try on~^_^

  4. papabear says:

    Yummy!!! Will surely look for that the next time I am in Ipoh.

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